Yesterday was the big day: Biathalon Day.  It started with a 5K at 8:00 AM and finished with climbing the stairs to the top of the Space Needle!  It was an amazing day, to say the least.

All of the Lj’s did really well at the 5K.  First, guess who scored a first place in her division??  That’s right!  None other than my lil’ Gigi!  She was SO proud when she got those results- and so were we!  She’s been training for cross country this fall and her efforts really paid off!  Bradley placed in the top eighth for his division and I placed in the top 33rd percent for mine.  Neither of us really has that much at stake in the numbers, but it’s interesting and kind of fun to see how we stack up to our peers.  It must also be mentioned that Bradley got best mustache, second year in a row!  That thing gets him more attention, I’m telling you.  Jude’s goal was to run the whole way, and HE DID.  He got nervous about halfway through, but then he found his second wind and started going so fast I couldn’t keep up with him!  It was marvelous to see!  Unfortunately we had to bust out of there to head to Seattle, so we didn’t find out about Gigi’s win until much later.  I’m writing to the organizers to find out if there is a medal or anything that I should pick up.  That said, her pride and ours is plenty!  😊 (Mom guilt, tho…)  

The climb was pretty incredible.  I wrote the names of all the people I was honoring all down one arm and Bradley drew a big Space Needle on the other.  I met Drea and Macky, we put our climbing socks on and we headed into the chute.  The Needle has a double helix of flights of stairs that wrap around inside the stem of the needle.  The elevators are just on the outside, and when they would drop or rise rapidly by, it made me startle every time!  The let us start climbing every 15 seconds, giving a bit of lag time in between.   

 Once I started climbing it went both way faster and way slower than I thought it would.  I rapidly began to breathe hard and my heart was pounding, but I kept a pretty solid pace.  I kept reminding myself that this was not going to be a problem, that my breathing was fine, and I was just amazed that I could keep on going!  There were paramedics throughout the climb, and at one point, as my heart was beating like a bass drum, I did decide to stop and rest for a moment.  I stood still for about one whole minute, knowing one minute of good rest would do a lot more good than a few seconds of quick rest, and then I headed up to the top.  It only took me 13 minutes to climb it!  I was planning on 20-30 minutes, so I far exceeded my expectations.

It felt like quite an accomplishment, to climb such a building.  And now I’m kind of hooked.  It was a supremely good workout.  I went home and read up on stair-climbing as an aerobic exercise and learned that because it is so strenuous that 15 minutes of stair-climbing is the equivalent of 30 minutes of jogging.  It was difficult to find data that supported the strenuous level of climbing- most of what I found was about how you should take the stairs instead of the elevator.  But then I found a post about athletes who are training for intensely aerobic events use stair climbing as a tool because it is so intense.  I wish I could have access to someplace like the Space Needle stairs on the regular.  It’d be awesome to climb up those every day to double down on a quick aerobic exercise, then hit the weights.  

It was an incredible experience.  I loved the climb and I loved doing it with Drea and Macky, my partners in crime.  Or I should say partners in CLIMB!  Ha!  You know.  Because we climbed the Space…  Ok.  Anyhow, it was incredible.  And part of what made it such a memorable day was carrying those names.  The cancer list just keeps on growing and it’s bothering me in a big bad way.  I feel good that I got to do something when there seems like nothing I can do.  I did this, with them and for them and anyone else.  Thank you for helping me with contributions and kindness.  What a day.  ❤️

And then this:


Weigh In


I spent the day in a technology meeting with my colleagues, away from my students.  It was an excellent day.  I learned all kinds of stuff that I’m excited to implement in my own classroom and share with the rest of the teachers at my school, but I also heard from someone who I used to work with years ago, when I first started teaching, when I was at my heaviest ever.  

Last spring I wrote about feeling a bit forgettable since losing a lot of the weight.  Who I was seemed to have melted away with my fat, and while I like the new version of me, the old version definitely has a place of love in my life.  I remember life with love and fondness.  It wasn’t a time to let go, but it seemed like I had gotten let go, in some capacity, by the people I used to spend time with.  My legacy seemed nonexistent before 35, all of the sudden.  But today one of the people who I used to work with was also a lead at our meeting.  I was already so used to the idea that she had forgotten who I was that I didn’t even bother to rekindle our relationship or try to remind her of who I was, how she should know me.  That’s an awkward dance I’ve had to do way too many times.  I thought I had anonymity with her and was going to allow a new friendship to grow, but that’s not what happened.  She was working at our table when the others broke off and left just she and I talking.  She took the moment and told me that I’ve been amazing to watch.  At first I was confused, and it dawned on me that she was talking about my weight!  I thought she had, indeed, remembered me and had observed me through the years at various meetings and district functions.  I thanked her and said its been quite an adventure, when she let me know that she had seen my website.  That she read it.  Reads it, even.  (Hi!)

And all of the sudden I didn’t feel forgotten anymore.

It’s amazing how the small things that people tell you can make you stand up so tall.  I felt like a little kid as I thanked her and wilted with shyness under her acknowledgement.  I’m not forgotten.  What a wonderful realization.  

This week has been a good one.  I had curriculum night, tonight, with my families as well.  It made for a long day, but it was one of those that was totally worthwhile.  I loved the work that I did today and I loved connecting with my families tonight.  Sometimes life is just so sweet.  It must be the best month of the year!  OCTOBER!!!

And my workout efforts, along with my no more night eating efforts, are totally paying off.  One more pound down!  Hello 196!  Ka-CHINK!  😄

The ‘Beautiful Woman’ Does Leg Day

I left the house this morning feeling really boring.  Uninspired.  Unspecial.  Plain and simple like a lump of oatmeal.  I was rushed- I stayed in bed too long, cuddling up with Bradley and my little boy, when before I knew it I needed to be out the door, much less out of bed.  I rapidly threw on my clothes, gathered my hair into a quick ponytail and dashed out of the house, knowing full well that a day canoodling with Netflix was really what I wanted.  But I didn’t.  I made it to work, into my classroom and was taking off my jacket when I happened to catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror across the room.  I’ve trained myself not to catch those glimpses.  You know the ones, when you catch yourself off guard and really see yourself.  Sometimes you’re surprised, sometimes disappointed, rarely am I pleased with those glimpses which is why I intentially avoid them, but this time.  Wow.  I looked tiny.  I know, I’m still a size 14 and in no way am I trading in my amazon girl status, but seriously!  Compared to a few years ago, this woman has totally changed!

Then I walked all over campus collecting compliments and I got to feeling pretty good about myself!  It was a wonderful unsolicited shift from the plain, boring oatmeal feeling I had just an hour prior.  What a way to start my day!  Then the cherry on the top of the proverbial sundae was delivered.  In walked one of my seven-year-old, second-graders who stopped in his tracks, looked me up and down and remarked, “Mrs. Littlejohn!  You are a beauuuuuuuutiful woman!” 

Mic drop.

I mean, seriously.  How could the day not be just wonderful after a build up like that?  I sailed through the rest of the day feeling cute and sassy.  After I arrived home and told Bradley the story he helped me celebrate with the impromptu and goofy photo session as is evidenced above and I followed it with a pep talk unlike I ever give myself in the mirror.  It’s rare that I let myself feel pretty and I told myself just how amazing I really am that I did all this, that I should be so proud, and that Tamarella Past is so glad that I finally did it for real.  Today was a wonderful exception, thanks to several kind colleagues and a second grader who is quite the future heartbreaker!

I’ve been looking around a little for strenght/muscle building menus that I can do quick and easy.  I saw this somewhere on Instagram so I searched it out on, where I found this one among a list of many others.  I ran the past two days, so I decided today was, at last, leg day.  I did this one time through completely.  It did not take me 15 minutes- more like ten.  It was, quite honestly, a lot harder than I thought to do that many reps, however.  And jumping jacks didn’t seem so hard when I was a kid!  I meant to do the workout twice, but ended up having to eat dinner right as I finished my first go round.  By the time dinner was over my calves and thighs were quaking.  I realized once was enough, this time, right in front of my 5k/Base2Space climb on Saturday.  I’ll do it twice in a row in the very near future though.  :)

Cap’n Awesome Flies Again

In case you weren’t aware, I have an alter ego: I am Cap’n Awesome in addition to being known as the great and powerful Tamara Shazam.  Cap’n Awesome has the power to teach while also having fun and being awesome, while Tamara Shazam has the power to run and lose a ton (or around 150 pounds) of fat!  Cap’n Awesome started out as an ironic name*, so I love that I get to giggle about my own secret…  Anyhow…

{I took two quick pics at Zumba.  I thought ONE of them would turn out.  Sigh.  I suppose I call them derpy run pics for a reason.  😂}

Cap’n Awesome is back in the house and she is bringing all kinds of awesome with her.  Why, might you ask?  What hast thou done in this month of September that has you dancing a jig?  I have a tendency to be really, REEEEEEAAALLLLY hard on myself when it comes to diet and exercise. I have really high standards for myself and when I am not toeing the line I can be very disappointed in myself and it can quickly twist to anxiety, depression and full on panic.  It all comes from knowing myself really well: I was able and willing to look the other way for 20 years while I sat in a bed or on a couch shoveling as much crappy food into my mouth as I wanted.  I followed no rules about diet or exercise, I just didn’t want to care, so I didn’t.  Of course, deep down I really cared.  Of course I did.  But I never let my fit girl speak up and be heard, so my apathetic girl took over and got louder and louder, drowning out any kind of common sense that may have been bouncing around my brain.  I know what I’m capable of (eating and gaining a lot) and I believe that I have to be really firm with myself or I am deathly afraid I’ll backslide right back into the 300’s.  

September is hard.  I start back at school, and while I like that my diet gets revised, it’s hard to keep up on my exercise during the weekdays…  Everything just gets wacky.  So, today I got home and went for a run.  I was only going to do a mile, I just wanted to move a little, but ended up doing more.  After I was done, I started looking at my Strava and I counted my runs for September.  I ran outdoors nine times.  I ran on my treadmill two or three times.  I went to Zumba twice…  If I workout or run tomorrow, which I’m planning on doing, I’ll average working out every other day for the month of September!  Not bad!  While that certainly is not ideal in keeping with my goal of working out five days a week, it’s nothing to sneeze at, either!  I went from being really down on myself and calling myself lazy to feeling pretty good about things.  Cap’n Awesome, indeed.  😉

This was our run today.  My goal is to run ten miles this week, just to get moving again.  I’m considering Zumba tomorrow as I haven’t been on a Tuesday in ages, but that may have to wait until the weather is a wetter, the afternoons a little darker and outdoor running isn’t so appealing.  There’s gorgeous weather this week and with hardcore autumn just around the corner, I feel the need to take advantage of the sunshine while it’s still out there!  

*For those who may wonder…  The name Tamara Shazam is derived from my birth name of Tamara Suzanne, and name Cap’n Awesome came from a friend of mine who wrote a blog post one time and called herself Cap’n Awesome, but in the totally not awesome, ironic kind of way.  It was so funny, so clever, so hilarious, just as she is.  I hijacked the name and now use it on campus and even have a purple cape with my CA initials on it!  Who woulda thought that name would stick???  I’m glad it did though.  It’s SUCH a funny and AWESOME name!

Leg Day…  Ahem.

I got home from work last night and was just,  plain antsy.  I was planning to do a ‘leg day’, but since I’ve never researched or done a ‘leg day’, I had no idea what one should look like.  Mostly I just knew it sounded official, and saying in my head all day that I was going to do a ‘leg day’ when I got home really made me feel like I was going to get it done.  I got dressed in my workout gear, put my shoes on and headed downstairs where I proceeded to stretch and stretch and streeeeeetchhhhhh and then jog aimlessly around my couch until I threw my hands up in the air, looked at Bradley and announced that I had no idea what I was going to do.  Leg day, suddenly, was elusive.  I decided to google a few Zumba routines when Bradley suggested I go meet Gigi who was on her way back from a friends house!  I zipped out the door to find her a mere 20 or so paces from our door, but we ran to one another anyhow, hugged, and then she asked me if I might like to go for a run with her.  

SHE asked ME to go for a run!!!!  Long ago, I admitted that my secret sub-mission of running was to build a running relationship with my daughter, one that is smoothed over by familiar tempos and muscle motion.  One that will hopefully be the salve that calms our tempers and brings us back together when she returns home from college or for Christmas when she’s all grown and married, herself.  I want running to be our touchstone.  Our secret place.  And yesterday was the first time she sought it from me.  Mission accomplished.  Now to keep it, to nurture this marvelous thing that has begun between she and me, so we can savor it for years to come.  

 Today I planned another ‘leg day’ and the same thing happened.  Got home, got dressed, and realized I had no idea what to do, again.  So, I spent 30 minutes on Pinterest exploring different workout menus.  After all that was done, I felt like I had worked out, so I took off my workout gear, sloughed my sneakers and put on my leggings.  Yawn…  But, I think, at last, I have a direction to go in and something to try!

Super Sunday

I actually made it to Zumba this morning!  After my photographic discovery yesterday about what Zumba does for my core I was pretty anxious to get back in the gym to continue the trend!  I rallied that fam at 8:30 to get in the car and drop me off at the 24 Hour Fitness that is near my house, different from my usual one.  I decided to just give it a whirl, even though I’m always a little nervous they won’t let me in because I have the wrong kind of membership or something…  But the Totem Lake 24 Hour Fitness is pretty nice and I got in without a hitch!  It’s a lot bigger with more equipment than the one that I usually go to, and it inspires me to do some weight training with all of that stuff just hanging out there…  But I think I should take up the offer for the free training session that came with my membership before I get into all of that.  I’ve seen ‘that guy’ at the gym misusing weights and I don’t want to be him.  😉

The class itself was great.  It was obviously a very well established group of older-than-me people who clearly knew one another well- there was a lot of greeting and hugging going on.  But what I liked was that they also said hi to me and the other people around me.  I didn’t feel isolated or or like an interloper or anything, so that was nice.  The instructor was pretty fun and energetic.  I could follow along with most everything and was literally dripping sweat for the hour.  I was disappointed to learn that this instructor doesn’t usually teach the Sunday morning class, so I’ll have to go again soon to see what the regular person is like.  After the class, the other people were really sweet, giving me thumbs up and complimenting how well I did.  It was a little like being a kid or something in that crowd, but since I’m rarely infantilized as the Amazon woman that I am, I just went with it, thanked them and then jumped on the treadmill for 15 a minute run while I waited for Bradley to return to fetch me.  It was is of those proud days- I got a good workout and 10,000 steps in all before lunch, AND got reinforcing weigh in that I’m on the right track and making smart choices.  Yeah!  197!  Again!  

Saturday Shazam 

I’ve been sitting on the couch for about an hour now with my iPad on my lap and a million ideas galloping around in my head about what to write about, but I keep not writing!  Ha!  I at least need to write about our run today.  My goal was seven miles, in prep for my half marathon, but it just started feeling like I was running forever and ever.  I realized that it’s not so much the running that’s a challenge, it’s the boredom and monotony of running that gets to me after a while.  I feel awesome and powerful after I finish, but the duration can be killer.  I may not be worth more than six miles…  But then again, that’s fear talking me out of trying and going for it.  I suppose that’s what’s good about having signed up for the half marathon: it’s do or die time and come October 11th I have no choice.  I’ll be running 13.1 miles!  Or at least I’ll be ambulating in some capacity over 13.1 miles.  I would love to run the whole thing, and I’m definitely going to try, but I’m allowing myself the forgiveness to walk parts if that’s what my body needs to do.

The story behind these pictures is that I bought that shirt when I first started working out on the hard core.  It was my effort toward that rule I have of looking the part and buying the gear to go with the exercise.  I’ve only worn the shirt a handful of times because I hated the way my belly poked out, but every once in a while it made its way to the track.  Last fall I remembered the ‘before’ picture from this set that I had at my disposal, so I put the shirt on, snapped some pictures and made a side-by-side comparison with the intent of sharing it on my website, but I was shocked to see that it looked hardly different at all!  The bust and shoulders fit different, but the belly was still sticking out there like the prow of a ship.  I thought I had changed more than that…  I quietly tucked the picture away and didn’t think about it until today.  After being so disappointed the last time I put it on, I actually pulled it out today intent on donating the disappointing relic, but I decided to put it on one last time.  I was shocked.  LOOK AT WHAT ZUMBA DID.  Zumba gave me a waist and finally toned up that belly a bit!  I know ‘they’ say that you can’t work out a target area, but you sure can lose a little bit of fat (about 12 pounds) while also toning the muscle under it and make a huge difference in your womanly curves over five months!  Hello, hourglass!  I feel so proud, looking at these pictures.  I never expected this.  I’m literally moved to tears tonight at my own story, as self involved and ridiculous as that is.  31 year old, 340 pound me wished and hoped that I could do this, but I never actually dreamed I would.  I’m so grateful to myself for the hard decisions I made, the dedication I’ve put in and the amazing life I get to lead because of it.  Who knew?  Certainly not me.

Which brings me, lastly, to skinnymeg.  This is not me.  This is is skinnymeg, AKA Megan from  I’ve talked about her before, but over this weekend things got very real for Megan and me.  She posted this picture (legs n booty) to her Instagram in recognition of her 1 year anniversary of her commitment to building muscle, and look at her.  Simply amaaaaaazing.  And then after I got all obsessive on her and started digging deep into her blog I found this:

And I was all like, wow.  That top planking one is like my twin with all the sagging skin.  The bottom is her now, after she started weight training.  So I’m a little more interested…  A little more inspired by this woman.  A mom.  A boutique owner and decorator of the home I would like to inhabit exactly as it is… 

And then I saw this stomach picture and decided that whatever she’s doing in the gym is exactly what I need to be doing.  Because, damn.  Know what?  I kinda want that and I kinda think I might be able to do it.  At least I want to try.  We will see.  Megan eats pretty clean and spends a lot of time lifting.  I’m not sure I have her level of dedication, but at the eve of 42 it’s kind of go time if I want to give it a try.  I did the orange shirt, maybe I can do this too.


I’m going to Zumba tomorrow morning at 9:00 at a gym I’ve never gone to!  Kinda excited!!!

I Beat the Blerch!

I was excited beforehand.  Like, ridiculously excited.  It’s true.  

And it was totally worth the brouhaha.

I never thought I’d be that guy.  You know- the one paying $55.00 for the ‘privilege’ of running silently along a trail with 1000 other people on a drizzly, Sunday morning and calling it the best time ever.  Never, in a million years!  But it was! After crashing out at 8:30 the previous night (fist week of school will do that to a girl), I woke up at 2am to drink water to make sure I’d be hydrated, then at 5:00 I bounced out of bed, full of vigor, ready to hit it!  We arrived at the race over an hour early.  I thought there’d be traffic, but really there was just a lot of standing around, looking at the Nutella sandwiches and looking for The Oatmeal author, Matt Inman, who was bounding around in a bright-green, inflated sumo suit.  I thought I took a picture of him as I passed the care station during my run, but I really just ended up with a fantastic picture of my palm.  Of course.  Before the race I was lucky enough to run into some old friends of mine from childhood, Denise and Mark, who also ran the 10K and a colleague of mine, Jessica, who I’m also running the half marathon with next month, so I spent some time chatting with them and chasing Jude around the barn until the race time arrived.

When the run finally began, it was lovely!  Paved and gravel, flat, no hills to speak of and plenty of room to run.  And there was something about the spirit of the run.  That we were all there for the Blerch, because The Oatmeal brought us together, there was just something kinder and more forgiving in the crowd…  If that makes any sense.  Like, we had an understanding.  We didn’t talk, but we shared something in common.   They started marking the mileage at two miles, and true to their word, there was a rest station at three miles stocked with water, gu, Nutella sandwiches, cake, cliff bars and blerches with bigfoots on couches!  It was pretty crazy!  I quickly sat down with my bearded Blerch, he wrapped his arm around me and told me I didn’t need to run.  I could stay riiiiight there.  But I hopped up and bounded back the other way down the trail.  

I’m so proud of myself.  SO PROUD OF MYSELF.  My goal was to run the entire distance, and except for that brief and blerchy-selfie-sit-down, I ran the entire 6.2 miles without stopping.  My numbers were not fantastic, my average mile was in the 12’s, oddly enough, but I did it*.  I made it.  I beat the Blerch!  Afterwards there was indeed cake and other junky food, but I can’t eat any of that right after a run; I can’t even drink water right away! So all that glory that was lost on me had to be bestowed upon my kids, who were altogether too happy to eat my cake, chips and running gels for me.   I looked around for the mythic purple drink, but alas, there was none to be found.  I heard a rumor that there was some the previous day.  Those blerches drunk up mah purple draaaank!  That’s ok.  I’ll just have to go run it next year!  I read in the post-event email today that they’ve already made reservations for next year!  And Gigi wants to run the half marathon with me!  We’ll be beating that Blerch again, come this time next year! 

 Stats for the stats junkies: 

This weigh-in didn’t hurt my feelings, either!  😉
*Of course Strava crashed during the run, so I can’t even compare numbers.  I say odd because I was able to use Strava for the second three miles and my splits were in the 11’s and I felt a lot faster during the first half of the run…  Ah well.

Race Season❤️

I just looked at the next six weeks and was shocked at what I saw:

Unbelievable.  I find myself more excited about these races than I have been about many other things in my life that are way less painful.  I’m more excited about the races than I am about my birthday.  That’s saying something.  I’m as excited about racing as I was about the New Kids concert.  BUT, I’m so excited for the Blerch 10K tomorrow.  Bradley drove down to pick up my packet on Thursday.  He got there right as they opened and was 3rd or 4th in line to get my book signed.  Bradley handed off his own comic, about the sad state of arts in education, to Matthew and gave a brief appeal to him directly, asking him if he could throw his weight or influence behind the cause as well.  He said Matthew was lovely and really seemed to spend time with the comic he handed to him before moving onto the next person in line.  I was super proud of Bradley for advocating, so thankful that he went and got my book signed and I was so excited to get my packet/tech shirt that I ripped my work dress off as soon as I got home to try on my shirt and took a selfie all gangsta style in the mirror…  Neglecting to realize that I had my Lucky Charms on display.  😉 Ah well.  I’ll take lots of pictures tomorrow at the race and I’ll give my review of the race as well.  I’m excited to see all the blerches in attendance.  I’m super glad I’m going this year, as Bradley overheard the race organizer and Matthew Inman remarking that they would like to have it in Colorado next year instead of Washington…

And that half marathon?  This is the one that I wanted to try out last year for my birthday.  My friend, Jessica, from work happened to mention that she was considering it on Facebook to me so I just jumped.  I’ve realized its all fear that’s just talking me out of trying it out.  The worst think that might happen is that I end up walking some of it, and that is not a big problem at all.  My plan is just to add a mile per week to my long run until the weekend of the race.  By the time race day is here, I shouldn’t have a real issue with making it…  Fingers crossed!

Do you see that?  I’m just about under 200 again!  I quite like this weight.  I think 200 and under, so far,  feels and looks best  on me.  😉

I’m just so inspired to get going lately.  Don’t get me wrong- summer was great and all- but right before summer ended I started getting antsy.  One day I turned to Bradley and remarked that two months is about how long it takes to recover from working through the year.  When September rolls around and the eight weeks has passed, it’s time to get going again!  My skin starts to crawl with the need to make and do!  I often wonder what I would make and do were I not a teacher.  This year, if I wasn’t in the classroom, I would be making huge paper sculptures out of cardboard, screws and a glue gun or I’d be writing a book.  Or both.  I found myself looking longingly at the things I don’t have hours upon hours to ponder, make and consider over the summer, knowing I don’t have the months it takes to do some of those fantastic things.  This year I redirected the energy into the next school year that lurked in the shadows, ready to spring out, full force in September, by making stuff for my classroom and prepping materials for my students.  This year’s kids totally deserved those summer hours, too.  29 kids in class, yes, but the sweetest, kindest, most thoughtful group of 29 kids I’ve ever met.  Each class of kids has a personality to it that sort of defines them, and this one is just sweet.  It’s going to be a fantastic year.

But now that school’s begun, I just can’t get all these races off my mind.  I’m already looking for zombie runs, turkey trots and jingle dashes!  It’s the season to run my butt off, enjoy the somewhat cooler weather, the crispy leaves, the brisk sunshine and a very happy fall!  


I’m like this about miles- just two more miles, four half miles, that’s just 4-6 minutes four times!  Eight quarter miles!  That’s just one side of our block!  Easy!  I do that in my sleep!  And on and on and on and on…

Five Mile Day

I don’t think a single run passes without me marveling to myself that I can do this.  Usually, toward the end of a run, I’ll turn to Bradley and remark that it’s so amazing that I can just do this, now.  Like, I trust that I can just go out and run a few miles, even if I haven’t been training for a little while.  I remember when I first started this project, my friend Hannah was so casual about training for a 5K.  I asked her how long she would need to train and how far she could run in her present state of having just given birth…  And her answer astounded me that she would just go do it.  No training necessary.  She had a relationship with and an understanding of how her body worked, what was difficult and what she was truly capable of.  She knew what I’ve only recently learned: our bodies are capable of a lot- often more than we give them credit for.

So, yeah.  I thought I could run five miles today and I doggedly chased that goal until I did.  That’s why my trail is all windy and weird; it was a wander-run.  Along the way, I tangled with an obnoxious eight-year-old who was determined to make me feel slow.  Seriously, I would be coming around the bend at the track and he kept meeting me at various points on the track to snicker and then dash ahead while his dad stood on the outside of the track, ineffectually yelling every once in a while, with their relentlessly barking dog.  The kid wasn’t a greyhound, I’m no rabbit, and I certainly didn’t need to be nice Mrs. L, the second grade teacher, so I busted off the track and back into my neighborhood where I proceeded to call my neighbors by the wrong names…  

It was a weird run, to say the least, but I absolutely feel better and totally prepared for next week’s Beat the Blerch six mile run.  I ordered a copy of Inmann’s book about running and I hope Bradley can get it signed when he picks up my packet on Thursday!  :)

All this six miler stuff is making me want to amp up the distance again.  Running at the pacing like I did today never makes me feel completely worn out anymore and I feel like I could go for a loooong time.  Do they do 15k’s?  Is that a thing? Because if I could get there, I’d definitely be inching toward something like a half marathon!

Oh.  And, no.  It’s not a Halloween thing, just a Saturday thing and I thought Gigi was so clever in her brother’s clothes on a random Saturday night!  And the other is of me after the run.  I am out of practice and keep forgetting to take my selfies while I’m running anymore.  I’ll get there…