Letting Go

I’ve been thinking and thinking about Tamara Shazam, this site.  When I first started writing about my body project I was enthusiastic!  Every thought I had was a lightbulb moment to write about.  Every new discovery needed to be processed.  Every success needed to be crowed about.  I needed to create a living document to record my progress in order to believe that I really was creating my miracle.  

And holy cannoli if this wasn’t a miracle.  Is a miracle.  If there was one thing I wished for in my life, one impossible problem I could solve it would be to lose unhealthy fat and actually be that healthy person I always wanted to be.  It would be to wear a size 16 or smaller.  It was to weigh less than 250.  
Sometimes I still can’t believe I did it.  I mean, at sometime you have to stop heralding the miracle to others, but I marvel every day at my body and fitness and protect it fiercely.  

But I don’t want to write about it anymore.  I love my blog- it became my life blood.  My savior.  It was here that I confessed everything.  When everyone else had enough of hearing about my project I could shout it out here, I celebrated often and loud here, I confessed my deep darks, but more recently this became a job.  I still love dancing and spin and lifting and running and eating healthy, but I also love crafting with paper, making books, drawing, gardening and hanging out with my kids. Each post takes at least an hour to write and it started to feel like a burden.  So I’m officially pausing for a bit.

Not my health- no way!  Like I said: I’m fiercely protective of my health and am still committed!

Loudmouth that I am, however, I will still be sharing my life, family, lifestyle and opinions over at Instagram. Connect with me there if you miss me.  😉

Ciao for now!