Beat the Blerch

We Beat the Blerch again this year!  Guinevere beat him harder than me since I wimped out at the last minute and dialed my race back to a 10k.  It was the right choice for me.  I had just finished my first full week of school and was tired out.  I made it to four miles and felt pretty wiped out and grateful that I didn’t push for the whole thirteen miles.  Gigi, on the other hand, thought she had an awful run but ended up with a PR!  I was proud of her on many levels, but mostly just for making it.  Next year the Littlejohn’s will me representing with one more on our team- Jude is planning to run the 10k with me!  He’s already started training up, so come next year, we will all be Beating the Blerch!

And That Was September.

I gave myself the month of September to settle into my life again.  Starting back at school can be intense any year, but after last year I was very cautious about dipping my toes back into second grade.  But this year?  This year, my friends, the new rules bargained by my union have made my life so different!  So straightforward!  So sensible.  Get this: I have 21 kids in my class right now.  21.  It feels like kids are missing!  I have time to meet with every kid!  I can solve problems with kids without the rest of the room losing itself!  I’m so honored to work with these guys this year.  Last year was valuable, too.  It was like finals week in college or something.  I learned so much about myself and my job.  Because of the huge size and broad spectrum of learners I worked with, I now feel like I have a proufound understanding of what a second grader really looks and acts like; diversity is my reality so versatility must also be.  I started out with the largest class size and, through no-shows and kids moving, I whittled down to the smallest.  It won’t last, this I know, but for the moment I’m like one of those people who just struck it big at a casino or something and I’m giddily rolling around on my bed of cash-money.  Except this time it’s a snazzy new contract supported* and bargained by some of the best people in the district who really listened to us, to me.  Can you tell I’m thankful??

I’ve been keeping busy busy busy during my spare time.  Being medicated for my anxiety means I get to spend a lot less time angsting over every minor little thing and I can get outside my head a little more.  I’ve been amazed at how much free time I’ve had lately, which means I’ve been distracted by anxiety a whole lot over the past few years.  I have been finishing up memory keeping left and right, making these magic potion bottles and manufacturing all kinds of stuff for my classroom.  

What I haven’t been doing is working out or watching my diet a whole lot.  I’m presently avoiding the scale and am just considering starting back up again.  It’s necessary- my clothes are getting alarmingly tight!  Time to get things rolling again!

*much loves go out to Macky, Deb L, Christina D, Lydia, Leah, Thom, Andi, Bradley and anyone else who had a finger in the EEA bargaining contract pie.  I’m so grateful for all of you.