If you’ve ever questioned whether or not you should be at the track, read a href=”″>Hey Fat Girl.

The Best Oatmeal Cartoon of all! The Terrible and Wonderful Reasons Why I Run Long Distances
The Blerch. I know him too well. I’m trying not to anymore!

The calorie calculator that I love: health status

This is a fascinating page that shows comparisons of people the same height who have different weights: Height-Weight Body Chart

I liked this article a lot- it talks about people who are active and how they process the world differently than inactive people. It was pretty cool to see how my own shifts in health and wellness have kind of landed me somewhere in this group. 🙂

The science and justification behind the 10,000 steps per day rule and why we should really be upping our steps to accommodate our diet and exercise habits.

My Favorite Fitness/Weightloss Blogs:

Sacred Coffee First, her Instagram is ‘Milky Robot’ which I think is a clever name…  LOL!  But what has really captured my attention is Jess’s openness and willingness to share her new, healthy focus and weightloss adventure, while rocking the paper and yarn arts.  She’s on the new side to the weightloss project so I think she will be an amazing person to watch.  It’s rare to catch a person as they start out on the weightloss and more common to find someone who already did it then read their archives.  This gal is DOING IT and I can’t look away.  😉

Skinny Meg And I have a lot in common.  We’ve both lost well over 100 pounds, both like to work out and both have family’s and careers, we are both artistic people…  She just happens to be about 50 pounds lighter than me and waaaayyyy more ripped!  I like her fearlessness of sharing her skin along with her incredibly honest story.  She is a rare bird in the flock of weightloss warriors that she shares her story so openly.  

Runs For Cookies
Katie from Runs For Cookies inspired me to get rolling on this project. She has lost over 100 pounds and maintains through running, smart choices and brilliant philosophy.

The Boring Runner
This guy runs like crazy- like super amazing athlete that I can’t even imagine ever being- and he’s funny. Like, really funny. Sometimes inappropriately so… And I laugh yet!