I’ve made it to dance every day that there has been class this break and today was the first morning where I was like nah. Let’s stay in bed… but I didn’t. I got my butt out from between those cozy covers and onto my cold, car seats to make it to my class by 9:30. The funny thing about working out? I almost* never regret it and today was no exception. The humidity has been insane, lately, and I find that I’m sweating way more than usual. I don’t think I’m working THAT hard, but damn! This girl is dripping for almost the entire hour! I’ve taken to wearing all black, otherwise it looks like I’ve wet my pants by the time I’m finished for the day 🤣

The tracking is still being super helpful. I had a friend tell me it’s like the difference between paying cash or using a credit card. Somehow having to write down everything I put in my mouth makes me think about it a little more, just like when I have cash in my purse I’m more hesitant to use it. It’s funny that way, huh?

I was talking to one of my friends and a former dance teacher of mine, Camille, who reminded me of the 7:00 rule. I used to practice not eating after a certain time at night but kind of forgot about that. Isn’t it funny how certain habits can melt away? Or listening to my body over reading the clock to decide when it’s time to eat. I always want to eat so it’s important that I have these little reminders or habits built into my day to day. It seems common sense- eat when I’m hungry. So I’m going to try to rebuild both of these habits.


* I can think of one or two exceptions to this when I’ve had an injury brewing. Otherwise exercising is like sour cream on a potato. It just makes the whole thing better. 😉

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