New Running Tights

You can always tell when Bradley thinks I’m extra cute. As I’m running he scampers around and dashes ahead, falls behind and makes appreciative comments all while snapping pictures. I get a huge self esteem boost and awesome pictures for my blog! Sometimes I wonder what the people in cars are thinking though. Ha ha!

It all started because when Bradley was first running years ago he bought a few pairs of navy colored, ankle length running tights. He quickly lost 30 pounds and lost the use of his tights. After I met goal, he encouraged me to try them on and they fit! So I quite accidentally ended up with some new spandex.

Today, again, I made my second best times on both my big loop and home run. My times just keep improving and I’m really happy about that. We went 3.2 miles today in the pouring down rain. By the time we got home we were both billowing steam and dripping rain water and sweat!
Tomorrow I’m running with Rhiann again so I’m off and running. Oh, by the way, I breezed on past 225, skipped 224 and have landed comfortably in the 223’s. Things are going swimmingly!



Seriously. While I was running down the road today I snapped just six quick pictures and just assumed I’d look presentable in one of them. It cracks me up to look at these! Ha ha! I’m happy to report, though, that I’m continuing to beat my personal records for times! ๐Ÿ™‚
I’ve taken up a healthy obsession with neon lately. A while ago my cousin lost her uncle, Dave Hensen, to a distracted driving accident and then I watched that video by Werner Herzog, ‘From One Second to the Next‘ that is going around the net about distracted driving and the tragedies that have occurred as a result of texting. I’m freaked out, to be honest. I’ve stopped texting and driving, but I see people bobbing and weaving all over the roads and it makes me fear for my safety. I’ve gotten a little paranoid, so I’m taking advantage of this neon fashion trend right now and I’m picking up bright clothing for super cheap all over. While I can’t change the habits of people, I can try to make myself as visible as possible to drivers.

My friend’s son had his 3rd birthday party today and I was shocked to walk in and see these two ladies! My friend in the middle is Elizabeth, aka: Lizard. We have known one another since 8th grade and we discovered an unbreakable bond in choir class. She looks amazing, though, because she spent her summer losing 35 pounds! Her sister, Vicki, is on the right. She and I were pregnant with my oldest and her youngest at the same time. Our daughters formed a really tight bond and over the years Vicki has become more of a friend than just Beth’s big sister. Anyhow, she has lost 28 pounds since the end of June! Here I was, all excited that I lost 40 pounds in eight months and they both just killed it in less than half that! Woot woot!


I’m all celebratory now. I’m so very happy to have met my goal. I’m kinda walking around in a daze…

I loved my outfit today. Wanna know why? Because I actually tucked my shirt in and wore a belt. The belt was not covered up with an extra puffy shirt or a folded over belly. In fact, my belly actually was nicely hidden behind the belt and my stomach actually looked kind of flat. How can that be? So far, I really like 225.

It seemed appropriate that I should post a comparison series, so I shimmied out of my skirt and sweater and didn’t even really think about the fact that I was basically wearing a onesie with a belt. It’s a little weird, but then I went and took another picture without it and that looked even weirder. Like I was trying to be a forest bark nymph or something. It’s fun to see though. Cool. ๐Ÿ™‚

She Did It!

I did it! I did it! Funny how just last night I was feeling all guilty about possibly wearing the boots prematurely. Then I hopped on the scale this morning and saw 225. For a second I even saw 224.6, so I decided that its good enough for me. I met my goal! Woot woot!

My next goal is to hit 200 by Jude’s birthday. That’s 25 pounds in six months. I think I should be able to do it, hopefully even beat the goal, but I want to make sure I don’t put too much pressure on myself by making an unreachable goal. I need to think up an awesome prize to reach for. That said, while the boots were nice to get, I’m more happy just with the accomplishment of having met the goal. I’ve never been this successful with losing weight. It’s thrilling to finally be doing it.
Last night after I got home I was really happy. Like, really happy. I rarely go out and do anything like that so it was an extra big treat to spend an evening among new adult type people… If you know what I mean.
But then I got home, the lights went out, Bradley rolled to his side, crashed out, I was alone with my thoughts and my mind wouldn’t shut up. As if to counterbalance the wonderful evening, my brain went into anxiety overdrive mode and started worrying about, well, anything it could come up with: I have a meeting at work on Friday that I’m over processing. I told silly jokes at the table- good or bad thing? Asking myself if I’m I too tough on my own kids, if am I doing a good job in my classroom? I’m being observed next week for my first evaluation of the year… Oh my gosh it’s 2:00… 3:00… 4:00… Crap. Almost time to rise and shine and get ready…
A few years ago there was an incident that followed a night of little sleep and massive anxiety all night that I decided to go ahead and push through and go to work. The result was me having a full-blown panic attack and crying in a meeting with school district officials and a table full of my colleagues. Talk about learning the meaning of humility, asking them to turn a blind eye to my tears that just would not stop.
I called for a sub this morning at 5:AM, after a few measly moments drowsing before my brain jerked me awake with the realization that I was dropping off to sleep, and hopped in my car. I reached my school at about 5:45 where I put together a really fabulous day for my students. Seriously, there is good learning happening there. When I returned home, at last my exhaustion was able to offer enough drowsiness to muster a few hours of sleep, then I woke up to deal with more anxiety and panic attacks all day. At this writing, it’s 5:00 at night and I already feel like I could crawl in bed for the night. Hopefully I won’t worry all night tonight too.
I associate a lot of my mood swings and anxiety with my cycles. I’m in PMS mode now and, after losing seven pounds over the past few weeks, I’ve certainly released some of the toxins that get stored in fat. I asked a friend of mine, who is versed in the ways of women’s anatomy, if weightloss and the shedding of the toxins and excess hormones that are stored in fat do impact a woman’s mood swings during her cycle, and she said definitely, yes. So I think that has a lot to do with all of this craziness. It will be nice when I’m done losing the weight so I don’t have to put my family (or me) through this every month.
I’ve also noticed my weightloss patterns are changing. Warrior week doesn’t seem quite as important as it once did. I lose weight pretty easily (as long as I stick to my plans) all month long now. Its funny that I’m having an easier time losing weight the smaller it get. PCOS really had a strong grip on me for a really long time. It’s good to be in control.


Tonight I met Brittany Gibbons. You might remember her from my bikini post where I referenced her ad nauseam. (I’m not going to give you the link- go dig.). She is beautiful (yes, as pretty in person. I KNOW!) and an advocate for the curvy girls. Aside from that? Funny and our kids share names. I say that too often but I think that is just so WEIRD. Anyhow, she posted an invite on facebook to an evening in Seattle at a restaurant with her and I thought, “Sure, sounds fun.” I thought I was going to be one of a bajillion women there. Turns out, one table suited us just fine.
Also turns out? I was flabbergasted to learn she peeked at my blog after I applied to be one of her makeover girls. Isn’t that cool when someone who inspired you to do something actually has the occasion to see the product they didn’t even know they even inspired?! Full circle.

It was so nice. Like SO nice. I quickly got over my celebrity-type-fangirl-girl crush I have had on the woman since first discovering her a few years back and just really got comfortable with a glass of wine and super interesting people. I loved tonight.
I went on a run yesterday with Rhiann, my friend who did the couch to 5k recently. It was crazy good. I like running with Bradley. I do. But it was fun to run with someone else and see what that was like. It was amazing because I suggested just running a short two miler or ’round thereabouts and before I knew it we were done. We talked the whole time about who even knows what and I was so distracted that I didn’t even feel the run. I felt frustrated, however, upon discovering my Strava app crashed during my run sometime and it didn’t record. I was so looking forward to having a new map in my feed! Next Monday I’ll make it up when we run again, but Rhiann sent me this to placate me until then (I actually kinda begged for it).

I let myself wear my 40 before 40 boots. It was rainy. But mostly? I justified it because for a little while this weekend I did weigh 225. I did show my 40 before 40… It just didn’t stick around! It will be back, I’m not worried. And when it stays longer I’ll create a big, ole hootenanny and stomp REAL loud in my boots!

Rain, Rain

Today was a three mile loop with the kids to the store and back. We had just gotten dressed and ready to go when the clouds burst overhead. We waited fifteen minutes or so until the deluge settled into a downpour, then we headed out. Jude was decked out in his Spider-Man rain boots so puddles were very attractive to him, while Gigi kept saying, “I’m dressed for exercise, but I’m still fashionable!” It was a wet walk, but a really fun one.

Yesterday we spent the morning winterizing the yard. Bradley and I went for a run in the early morning then came back and started this. It was so fun, pulling out all the plants, stripping the tomatoes off the plant, digging up potatoes, picking the pumpkins… I was dripping sweat and was happy that I managed to find a second workout in one day. We loaded all the compost greens out to the truck and marveled at our harvest. Tonight we are eating tomato soup, made from a share of the hundreds of cherry tomatoes we picked. Yum!

Scale Problems

The funny moment, when I got on the scale, saw that number, and got off in disbelief. Weighed myself again, same number.
“Bradley? I think there’s something wrong with the scale. Would you come weigh yourself?”
He does. It’s his correct weight.
Again, I get on and see that same number again.
Hop back off, reset the scale, weigh myself AGAIN and at last I accept that I am only one pound away from my goal of losing forty pounds before I turn forty on October 29th! ONE POUND!
Booty dance!
Incidentally, I have run my three best times around Big Loop over my past three runs. I think I see a definite corollary between my speed and losing six pounds in the past few weeks. That is fun to realize! I remember thinking a long time ago that when I hit around 220 running would be so much more fun and easy. It definitely is. ๐Ÿ™‚

Fry Guy No More

When one becomes a vegetarian they hear tales about how you should never go back to eating meat- the stomach pains alone will kill you once that first morsel of animal hits your belly. I’ve been vegetarian pretty much since I was 15. I’ve had brief sojourns as a carnivore- when traveling abroad mostly- but never really had the meat bellyaches. That said, it’s been about 15 years since I’ve eaten real meaty meat. I have tasted crustaceans (crabs, oysters) from time to time, but otherwise, nada. Perhaps now I would have the much feared gut ache if I ate the beef…
Anyhow, the same thing is said of really healthy eaters. Like, remember when Morgan Spurlock ate his first supersized McDonalds meal in the documentary Super Size Me? He only got halfway through it before he yacked it out his window. Then, this summer, on Extreme Makeover: Weightloss Edition, the trainer, Chris Powell, exchanged diets with his trainee and ended up having to eat lots of fried foods. He threw up too. I rolled my eyes like, sha. Right. Drama kings.
But lately…
Things are changing. I don’t want to say that I’m such a healthy eater now that I throw up when I eat crappy food, but I think I am one of those people. Or I’m becoming one. Over the past few months, whenever we’ve eaten junky- like Chipotle burritos or OCB breakfast, we don’t feel so good after. It’s becoming a regular enough occurrence that I’m beginning to see the connection: when I eat crap I feel like crap. Except now I feel so gross after that I don’t even want it anymore.


Tonight was a unique night. It was Jude’s half birthday, my daughter killed the state standardized test and we got the results, I had curriculum night and Bradley ‘unhacked’ our meanly hacked family website* all day and was successful! We earned a night out! So we went to Red Robin- a place I’ve always loved. I like a good burger and fries. Yum! Even if I do actually sub the salad for the fries but eat a bunch of Bradley’s anyways. Anyhow, tonight? The picture above is remarkable because I just stopped eating fries. Didn’t tell myself to stop, just stopped eating them. Without thinking. I didn’t continue to compulsively Hoover down the remainder of the basket. In fact, I had stopped several fries prior to this and Bradley had eaten them down to this. When I realized what had happened, I was so proud that I actually took a picture of those two little fries, all lonely and dejected down there, destined for the trash. I felt accomplished, somehow, like the worm had turned and no longer was I an obsessive fry freak.

A half hour later, while in the middle of my curriculum night speech in front of my students’ parents…
burp… gurgle… burp… weird stomach squeal… gurgle…
Inwardly I’m thinking all those things about how Chris Powell and Morgan Spurlock were right- this feels awful! Forget that I only ate about eight fries, half my burger, a salad- this was not right! I smiled and joked my way through the night then as soon as the last parent exited my classroom I took the most bumpy ride in my truck (which I lovingly call ‘sh*tkicker’ – it’s a 1985 Chevy who looks her age. Nuff said.) all the way home! That did not help. I walked in the door to my house, about to lose my stomach, and Bradley was feeling the same. Then we both said what we didn’t want to say- that we can’t eat like that anymore. We need to find a new family restaurant.
It’s a little sad, but also a great celebration.
We were hacked by some dude that left a pirates skull and appeared to have erased our site. It was un-awesome but my husband is the bees knees and was able to find the hackers code within ours and pulled most of it out. Now we have to sift through the rest, but I’m glad to have it back!

More Running… And Other Stuff.

Today we ran. Running is becoming that thing again- just an after work habit. Just one more thing in my repertoire. The best thing of late is that I’m killing my times. Yesterday I had my best ever time on Big Loop (1.4 miles) and today I had my third best time. Woot woot! My times are improving. While I know I’m not supposed to run every day, I can’t help but think that the consistency is making me a better, faster runner. I like running every day, and find that when I miss a day I get all that icky lung burn and muscle exhaustion during my next run. From just one day missed! So I’ve decided that lots of short runs are better than intermittent long ones mixed with elliptical. And goodness gracious if the weather isn’t perfectly glorious to run in- 65 and sunny. Sheesh!

This picture is here for one reason alone: I have not been taking relevant blog-worthy pictures lately and realized that this would be two posts in a row without a picture! Eek! We can’t have that! Since I’m a copyright worrywart, I can’t just take a random online picture and post it on my blog without being anxious that I’ll get a letter from someone’s lawyer in the mail suing me for copyright infringement. No, I’m not kidding. I really worry about stupid stuff like that. So this is me. At school. Bradley texted me a charming picture of himself wearing his adorable outfit of the day (he’s a snazzy dresser) so I tried to return the favor but failed without the full length mirror. Aren’t you glad you read all of that? I’m all like, “Are you happy now?! Here’s your picture!!! Call your mother!” You know what I mean. Guilt trip guilt trip guilt trip.
One of my running dates will begin on Monday! My friend, Rhiann, who just started running using a couch to 5k program, and I are going to start meeting once or twice a month, depending on schedules, to run together. Truth be told, I’m a little worried she’s going to run faster than me and I’m going to be slagging along behind her all red faced and panting. She’s a nice person though so I also think she will be cool about it if I do. ๐Ÿ™‚
My arms race is slacking. I haven’t worked my arms in five days. Yep. I was killing it then one missed day turned into two and so on and so forth. I’m pretty much writing it here so I’ll be more accountable. I want to report that I’m halfway to Arnold Schwarzenegger status, but I’m more like Greg from Diary of a Wimpy Kid. If you don’t know, he’s a kids’ book character with the muscle tone of a stick figure. Cuz he is a stick figure. Read a teacher blog:get kids’ book references. Ha ha! So now, as soon as I hit publish I’m going downstairs to get my Bowflex on! Cheers!


Today as I was running there were animals everywhere- cats, squirrels, rabbits… Methinks autumn hath arriveth. Or something like that. The animals all were full of hustle bustle of epic proportions, as if winter is next week!
I saw two cats chilling in the road. Right in the middle like no cars ever drive there. I’ll go ahead and say it- they had a real arrogant vibe like they just owned the whole thing. Cats. Sheesh. Sadly, my favorite cat that I regularly see was on the side of the road sitting in the grass, still as stone. He is the sweetest cat- one of those that rolls all over the ground and cocks his head just so with his big ole kitty cat eyes, and you can’t resist but to stop in the middle of your run and pet him. Except this time he just sat. And as I neared, his tail was ramrod straight out and quivering and the cat didn’t budge an inch, except to roll his eyes around the periphery to creepily watch me run by as he sat there going potty. I was at once horrified and pitying of the poor guy, having to make on a public street!
My favorite was the squirrel on my home run, though. Apparently the squirrel is either trying to flatter me or I run a lot faster than I used to. He thought I was chasing him and the silly thing ran like the dickens through the grass, then leapt on a stump to look back, fear evident in his eyes, and yes, I was still coming! He turned back, dashed toward a tree, looked back in terror one more time then scrambled up the tree and out of sight! I’m so amazing that even the mighty squirrel fears me.
I am woman, hear me roar!
๐Ÿ™‚ Ha!
(I did run faster today. Slowly, slowly she improves.)