Caramel Cheese Popcorn

It’s all about the small victories right now and today someone brought some of that Beechers caramel and cheese popcorn and left it in the staff room. I love that stuff. It has the salty sweet combo that makes me go mmmmmmmkay. I’m in. To make it even easier, someone left a stack of solo cups right next to it so I could help myself to a nice, big and healthy portion. So I made it my goal today: don’t eat the popcorn. Did I check on the popcorn several times today? Yep. But how much of it did I eat? Exactly two kernels: one cheese and one caramel. These are the battles I’m currently waging. Sheesh!

I’ve decided a good way to keep myself accountable is to start posting a screenshot of my food journal to my blog every day. It may not be interesting or important to other people, but it should help me stay aligned with my goals. This one is before I ate dinner, obviously, but I assure you that dinner will be eaten at some point. I also havent danced yet, but I’m not sacrificing my spot or the cash to pay for the spot. Plus, have I mentioned what a mood elevator dance is for me?? Ha ah!!! Don’t worry, it’ll all get done!🤣

I got some new kicks today! I’m pretty excited to dance in these. I like my Adidas Superstars, but they aren’t quite as flexible or slippery as I would like. Turning is killer on my knees! These have the twisty swirl on the bottom and seem to have decent support while also offering good shock absorption. I can’t wait to dance in them tonight!!!

Lastly, I posted a bunch of new books for sale that I finished and sold a bunch of books over the weekend. Then another sold today! Happy dance! Germany, I’m working hard to see ya!!

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