Jazz hands

Today as we were leaving Zumba, one of the girls from the cohort of teachers who I dance with told me that they love watching the way I move my hands while we are working out. I had NO idea what she was talking about. No idea. Apparently, it is my custom to do jazz hands all the time. Like: All. The. Time. And they watch me do it! Every time! I guess that’s why they keep saving a place for me in the front of our group. 🙂 It’s certainly not for direction or leadership since I rarely seems to know what’s going on! I would love to see a video of myself doing Zumba because I think I’m pretty bad at it. But it’s really okay. They can laugh and I’m happy to be the one making them laugh because I am laughing too! It’s true- I get lost on the steps and just start hopping around, lunging, squatting and, yes, jazz-handing, just so I keep my heartrate up and my body sweaty. Its just so fun- no matter what- and for the first time ever I don’t hate exercise even a little. It’s just all fun! Tomorrow they are trying Pilates. I’m considering it…
Zumba is not only fun for me, but I’m seeing a shift in an area where I really need it. For a while I was feeling a tearing at the back of my rib cage. I assumed it was due to my ample bosom bouncing about as I ran, but it seems that some muscle tone is helpful as well. It’s all that thrusting and booty shaking that makes me feel like a stripper that is making the difference. Bradley commented the other day that he’s seeing a difference too- my sides and stomach are tightening up. It’s nice to know that I can still make a change in my stomach! I suppose not is all as lost as I assumed it was!

I’m also here to talk about my diet. This? Above? Was my marvelous supper after Zumba tonight. I’m not proud. It’s not every night or anything, and my lunch was full of fruits and veggies, but I’ll admit that pizza and a coke, served like this, on my way from one place to another, has been my dinner more than I’d like to admit lately. I’m not gaining weight- I’m steadily 198- but I could be dropping a little weight if I could eat a little bit cleaner. I have lots of reasons- busy life- but like I tell my students, ‘it’s a reason, not an excuse.’ I need to clean it up, so I’m saying it here, that I’m getting better about it right now. The season is here to eat in season. I just need to get with it.
Have you had the blueberries yet, this year? I’m in love. I missed summertime, seasonal, fresh-eating!!!

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