Today is sunny and 68 in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. It was perfect running weather so I actually went outside and ran. You would think I would be marveling at all the flowers blooming, the birds singing, my husband’s cute backside in front of me… But no. I wondered about other things. Like zombies. Have you ever wondered how long you might last if there actually was a zombie apocalypse? I know, this is a question that is so played out and overdone, but it’s a question whose answer keeps getting better for me so I keep playing the game. I play by the traditional type zombie rules- like the zombies in the movie Zombieland- the zombies are somewhat slow and stupid, but relentless in both their pursuit of humans and ability to spread the virus and reproduce. Today, I outran the zombies. I was a machine, slow and steady, cruising around the neighborhoods for 2.3 miles. I smiled a lot, even with my grody zombie thoughts, and thoroughly enjoyed the sunshine, the air, the hills, everything.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the half marathon. The more I think about it, the more I wonder if it’s a smart idea or not. I wonder if now is the time or not. I don’t know if I’m wimping out or being smart and listening to my body. When I run a lot I wear out, my knees get sore, my hip gets sore… I’ve hit a pretty decent stride again lately and I’m feeling it, again. I don’t know if I should push through the discomfort or if I’m aggravating something if I push harder. I just don’t know, right now, so I’m thinking and wondering how important the distance is versus the fitness; how important is it that the bucket list box of half marathon is checked off? How much do I just want to lose weight? If I just run my 2-4 miles five days a week I’m fine. When I push past that I get sore. Like, achy sore. So, anyways, lots of thoughts.
I suppose, those are rather zombie-ish thoughts, too.

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  1. I have crazy thoughts like that too! I normally wonder how long I would last if an EMP hit and my car no longer would work. Would I spend all my time walking slowly and everyone else would buy everything at the grocery store before I even got there? And…even if I did make it to the grocery store and there was stuff on the shelves, would I be able to carry anything? So my crazy goal is to be faster and stronger than my neighbors so I survive. Well…at least until a zombie eats my brain!!

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