Yes, You Have To!

YES! You have to continue to run almost every night!
Yes, It is dark!
Yes, it is wet!
Yes, it is cold!
Yes, it is late!
But you made a commitment to be a fit person! You have to run! You have to put miles under your feet! You have to keep burning calories! You have to keep moving or else you’ll stagnate before you reach your goal!
YES! You have to continue to avoid eating eating candy! It is delicious poison! You feel crappy after you eat it and get into a viscous cycle of craving more more MORE! Plus, it makes you tired. Don’t eat it! You’ve done pretty good so far!
YES! You need to keep limiting calories! You can cut loose on Thanksgiving and Christmas a little. Enjoy it then and you’ll enjoy it more instead of letting loose for the next two months altogether. Remember the 13 pound gain of the 2012 holiday season? Hmmmm?
YES! You have to run without walk breaks even when no one is looking. Just because you run alone doesn’t mean you can cheat! When you keep running you keep getting stronger, faster, better… And you lose pounds. You like losing pounds.
YES! You have to keep running even though you are terrified of getting hit by distracted drivers who are texting or on their phones. You can’t live in fear and the benefit is profound. Be safe, be bright, be smart and be attentive.
Obviously I’m feeling a little unmotivated. I’m still losing. Well, I gained a pound that stuck around longer than I would like to talk about and now it’s gone, so I’m feeling a little bit better about that. I think I’m bored and as the winter is coming, so is the darkness, the rain, the chilly, dampness. The top of my head aches with cold while I run and my ears too. Running in winter is not all I had dreamed it would be. Clearly there are some adjustments happening in my brain about this!
I’m losing weight, but is thinking I may have a little winter blues with the onset of daylight savings. I’m just a bit depressed, sinking into a few anxiety attacks, feeling on the edge of panic and irritability. It’s not super fun. The funny thing is that running totally helps with the blues but, it’s the last thing I want to do when I’m feeling blue. It is a tremendous hurdle to remind myself, when my brain is trying so hard to be depressed, that a run will make me feel better. I’ve gotten better about ‘taking my medicine’ though and try to use a run as the first step in my battle against depression. It works 75% of the time. It worked pretty well today 😉

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