Today we took it easy. After pushing so hard yesterday, we were feeling a little worn out so we just went for a family walk today and skipped the elliptical, the running, the weights… It was nice out today. Cold but clear and it seems that the rest of the neighborhood heard the sun’s faint siren song and came out as well. There was a rare feeling of community that was absolutely lovely. Instead of walking silently by one another, people were stopping to talk in the streets and were allowing their dogs to wind around one another in that unique dog-dance. It was kind of magical.

I followed through with my goal to journal my food intake today. It’s kind of an embarrassing day since the quality of my food kind of stunk and looks really fast-foodish. To be clear, that was a homemade Starbucks coffee. I’m way to cheap for that habit! And pizza was leftovers from the boys today, who had lunch out. It was just too easy to refuse… Hopefully it was balanced out with the celery!! Lol! Also. Off the page? One delicious, gooey, brownie and half an apple for snack. Nom nom nom! But I’m still totally within the calories, so what can I say?!
Also? Did not visit Harvard. I just picked the mushrooms that seemed to fit my needs. 😉

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