Winter Weight

I was feeling all in control. Psychotically in control. Remember how I wrote that article about how I wasn’t eating enough and being a weirdo? Oh my. The winds of change.
I had a few glasses of gluhwein (ermehgerd so yum), a few more salty snacks than usual, a few pieces of fudge… I woke up weighing in at 211 on the morning of 12/24, but by the time I woke up on Christmas day I was 217. By the end of the day, on Christmas, I weighed a hardy 221. 221. Un-freaking-believable.

This was our selfie on our 3.1 mile run today. Guess what I weighed in at here? 219.6. I lost 1.5 pounds, am still up nine (nine!… I really don’t know what is up. You can see it clearly in my face. Isn’t that nice? Yeah, yeah, water weight, blah blah blah, cheese puffs, yadda yadda, wine… I know. I know! But knowing all of that doesn’t make it any easier to see the scale go up. Sigh. On the plus side, I suppose this water influx should help on my diet bet. Small silver lining.

I just had to share this treasure of a photo. I’ve heard for a little while that curling wands, not irons, are where it’s at. I’ve pined for one, watched YouTube videos on how to use them, I’ve placed all of my curly haired dreams on the curling wand’s shoulders! Bradley got me one for Christmas and this is how the hair turned out. It looks natural, if you want naturally witchy looking hair. I’m not impressed and now just feel like a jerk that I convinced my husband that I needed a curling wand because I could make spiral curls! Just imagine! Spirals! Ha ha! Yeah. Spirals.
On the plus side? My babe got me the entire NKOTB collection. Yep, I’m a proud owner of all their music now, including the Christmas album. It was a funky funky Christmas, indeed. 🙂

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