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I spent the day in a technology meeting with my colleagues, away from my students.  It was an excellent day.  I learned all kinds of stuff that I’m excited to implement in my own classroom and share with the rest of the teachers at my school, but I also heard from someone who I used to work with years ago, when I first started teaching, when I was at my heaviest ever.  

Last spring I wrote about feeling a bit forgettable since losing a lot of the weight.  Who I was seemed to have melted away with my fat, and while I like the new version of me, the old version definitely has a place of love in my life.  I remember life with love and fondness.  It wasn’t a time to let go, but it seemed like I had gotten let go, in some capacity, by the people I used to spend time with.  My legacy seemed nonexistent before 35, all of the sudden.  But today one of the people who I used to work with was also a lead at our meeting.  I was already so used to the idea that she had forgotten who I was that I didn’t even bother to rekindle our relationship or try to remind her of who I was, how she should know me.  That’s an awkward dance I’ve had to do way too many times.  I thought I had anonymity with her and was going to allow a new friendship to grow, but that’s not what happened.  She was working at our table when the others broke off and left just she and I talking.  She took the moment and told me that I’ve been amazing to watch.  At first I was confused, and it dawned on me that she was talking about my weight!  I thought she had, indeed, remembered me and had observed me through the years at various meetings and district functions.  I thanked her and said its been quite an adventure, when she let me know that she had seen my website.  That she read it.  Reads it, even.  (Hi!)

And all of the sudden I didn’t feel forgotten anymore.

It’s amazing how the small things that people tell you can make you stand up so tall.  I felt like a little kid as I thanked her and wilted with shyness under her acknowledgement.  I’m not forgotten.  What a wonderful realization.  

This week has been a good one.  I had curriculum night, tonight, with my families as well.  It made for a long day, but it was one of those that was totally worthwhile.  I loved the work that I did today and I loved connecting with my families tonight.  Sometimes life is just so sweet.  It must be the best month of the year!  OCTOBER!!!

And my workout efforts, along with my no more night eating efforts, are totally paying off.  One more pound down!  Hello 196!  Ka-CHINK!  😄

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