We Are Family

This morning I promised myself that I would, indeed, run outside today. There are two reasons: one is that I miss my husband and want him all to myself to thirty minutes without being interrupted. The second is because I’ve become an outdoor scaredy cat runner. I’m scared of the terrain all of the sudden. I get scared that I’ll get tired and not be able to make it home or something? It’s totally silly, whatever the reason, and I was determined to break the cycle of waiting until it’s dark to get my workout in and running on the treadmill in front of the TV.

The moment I pulled into the driveway was the same moment that the clouds decided to tear open and let their mighty contents fall on my neighborhood; it was a deluge. I felt defeated and pleased at the same time- Bradley wouldn’t want to go- it was raining! But I was wrong…

In fact, my whole family was waiting downstairs, sneakers on, laces tied and running gear ready! They were all ready for a run! Bradley started talking to me right away about how I used to relish running in the rain, how I used to prefer it to dry running because it cooled me down, and before I could utter a single complaint, my dearest cheerleader sparked some important memories of rain running…
So out I went with all of them, into the rain, to run a little over 1.5 miles. Gigi breezed through the whole run, Bradley and I were fine, but it was my little Jude, chugging along, that made me feel so proud. He has suddenly decided he’s an Lj runner, too, and has started running several miles per week, he joined cross country and is determined to run miles. It’s pretty cool to see.
And as much as I wanted my husband to myself, it was pretty special to be out running with my husband, son and daughter. I always wanted to be a part of a running couple. I never thought I’d be part of a running family. I’m so glad I promised myself I’d run a mile outside this afternoon!

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