Water Jogging is a Real Thing

Yesterday was Bradley’s unofficial birthday. He doesn’t like his actual birthday which falls smack between Christmas and New Years Day, when no one wants to celebrate anything or anybody, so we celebrate around-ish his half birthday and his grandmothers birthday, which happened to fall on 7/29. Because we were celebrating a birthday, I didn’t feel right dictating a fitness aspiration, but I found that I was getting pretty crabby because I was anxious about not burning enough calories to incorporate the carrot cake that Gigi made to celebrate his 42 years. My solution was to do jogging laps in my pool. The resistance makes for a pretty good thigh/booty workout and I was able to go for 90 minutes before my legs got too tired. Can you believe that I burn 747 calories per hour doing that?! I found that out by entering the data into MyPlate! It’s actually listed! Water jogging is a real thing! Who knew ?! I was pretty pleased. The thigh burn and pool time was an excellent way to burn 1100 calories while also making an epic whirlpool for my kids to play in!

Jump for yesterday’s diet:

Basic, same thing as usual… LOL!
Except with more fat and gravy. This was a birthday, after all.

Coffee with milk, half n half, and sweetener
Breakfast biscuits

The ‘Number Nine’ from The Old Town Cafe in Bellingham
As reimagined by me…
(It’s essentially biscuits and gravy/eggs Benedict)
I made everyone a complete order but I had a scaled down, 1/2-2/3 version of what everyone else had.
Whole wheat English Muffin with Smart Balance
Two over medium eggs cooked in nonstick (I had one egg)
Cheddar-cheesy gravy
Fresh tomatoes
Hash browns

Pop chips

Pan seared carrots with mozzarella
Cauliflower with Asiago and pine nuts
Asparagus with garlic and lemon
Pan seared green beans with garlic
Pan seared Brussels sprouts with Garlic
Vegetarian rib (OMG so flipping good…)

Carrot cake

Birthday veggie dinner!!!

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