We’re heading out to go camping fairly soon and as I announced this to my kids I also asked if we should make anything special for the trip. My son asked to make cookies… With M+M’s!
I pondered this a bit. My purpose in asking if there were any treats or special things on the trip was to kind of be in control. I know there’s going to be junk- it’s camping. But I’m thinking it doesn’t have to be overly junky. So a batch of cookies makes perfect sense as the thing to bring to treat ourselves with. My smartie pants daughter killed two birds with one stone by saying we can use them for s’mores too.
Anyhow, justifying m+m’s was hard for me so I made a bargain with my son: we could make cookies with m+m’s in them if we walked to the store to buy them. Kind of to strike the balance between the caloric cost and the exercise. He agreed, which shocked me, and within 30 minutes we were headed out the door, hand in hand.

It was so sweet, to chat with my boy as he collected flowers, leaves, feathers and other treasures. I taught him about helicopters, the seeds from maple trees that twirl around as gravity pulls them to the ground and I got to see him being his Daddy, saying hello to any person he happened by. At Starbucks he engaged the barista in a lengthy conversation about his favorite Adventuretime characters (favorite hero: Jake, favorite baddie: Ice King) and after using the nastiest bathroom ever I heard him cackle and chortle over the horrible jokes that just kept rolling off his tongue. Lovely.
Three miles later, the cookies got made, tasted and are going in the freezer in the morning. Cookies are a weakness of mine and I cannot have them sitting out. I will eat them all. Especially these ones; they’re so yummy!
I was talking with Bradley about how I really need to kick things into gear. There’s no good reason why I am stagnating except my poor choices. I keep hitting just a little over my caloric intake and I’m in maintenance mode. Coupled with me not making the best choices (lots of carbs lately, not so many fruits or veggies) means that I am just not losing no matter how much I exercise.
My goal as of this very moment is to make better choices for my body nutritionally. More fiber, more fruit, more veggies. I think I need to go to the store to load up. I did discover prunes recently, i think they are so good (I’m surprised too)! Presently in our kitchen we are at one apple, one bag of carrots and one bunch of celery. Lettuce in the garden, onions in the pantry. I want a variety of fruits, some broccoli, mushrooms and peppers! Then we can get fancy.

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