Wahoo!  Winter Break!

We went out with a bang, yesterday!  My kids came into the classroom, set up their blankets and just read. Allllll day.  We wore our jammers, drank hot cocoa, and read.  Though I will admit that there was definitely a thirty minute fort-building window in there.  Sometimes as teachers we just have to go with the flow.  And fort building was definitely one of those moments.  I totally got involved and sucked in, too.  There I was, standing on a chair getting the tubs from deep storage down that had the sheets that I use for stage curtains in it and suddenly realized that life, instead of school, was happening with my students.  I felt like that was pretty okay right then.  🙂

So, that means that today is day one of my break!  Did I sleep in, you may wonder?  Newp.  I woke up with the chickens, manically wondering when the Zumba class was starting this morning!  I haven’t worked out at all in 12 days!  I may have gained a pound or two, but I can’t tell yet so I’m not going to worry about that.  Instead, I’m focusing on going to the gym!  Since this is my last month there, I’m going to make sure to get my last bit of money’s worth.  This morning I took a Zumba class with an instructor who I didn’t know at all.  Her name was Enny, and I’m really sad that I didn’t spend more time in her classes!  I loved her enthusiasm!  Unbeknownst to me, right next to me, working out, was her husband.  I just thought he was this really enthusiastic guy who kept shouting and clapping.  I like the shouters and clappers, so I was just going along, trying to keep up, while this dude next to me seemed to know every move perfectly.  Then all of the sudden he headed up to the front of the room and lead the class with her for the rest of the class.  Watching them as a team was lovely and entertaining.  I’d take their classes again in a heartbeat!  

When we got home we headed out for a walk to complete our steps for the day.  The kids played, climbed trees, rode scooters, the dog romped…  It was easy and fun.  At one point, we all got up on one of the cement walls at the school and walked across this narrow balance beam wall kind of thing.  It was alarmingly high one I got up there and was something I never would have done ‘before’.  It felt great to be that confident in such a precarious position.  Of course, it helped that I had my beau next to me.  🙂

I’ve decided to track my food during the break.  It’s a good thing I did, too!   Not only did I take off the past two weeks from exercise, I also stopped journaling my food and keeping track of my nutrition.  Instead, I returned to my intuitive eating patterns before I had established solid boundaries for myself again.  This was evidenced when I finally entered in the balance of my calories for the day and found myself precariously close to exceeding my calorie allowance with the deficit if my hour of Zumba factored in!  Oops!  I was checking in to figure out what I had left so I could eat something more and found myself much closer than I anticipated!  I’m looking forward to making lots of smart choices during winter break and proving to myself that I can do this season, this holiday, this month without gaining 20 pounds!

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