I have two victories to share that happened during this long weekend.  The first of which is a total scale victory: I’m back to my all-time, full-grown-adult, low weight of 193.6!  I touched 193 for about 15 seconds last spring then bounced right back up to hover around 200 pounds for a bajillion weeks (it felt like it, anyhow).  Making sure to get my 10,000 steps per day is really paying off.  I’m finding that I can eat a lot more to sustain my weight and scaling back my calories to lose a little bit of weight isn’t nearly as hard when I’m moving this much.  Part of those steps is almost always an aerobic workout, too, so I’m getting it seriously done this year.  The habit of moving is pretty ingrained, at this point, and it appears to be paying off in both inches and pounds off, not to mention how great I’m feeling.  I don’t think I’ve ever felt this healthy!  

The second is a total non-scale victory…  When I was looking for my girl scout sash for my Russell costume I was digging through trunks and boxes of my old clothes when I came across this dress.  The last time I wore it was when I was seventeen years old to my senior tea, hence the odd, formal picture with my parents and grandfather, circa 1991.  I know, the flowers on the dress are dated and the fabric smelled like mothballs and I will probably never ever wear it again, but it fit well enough that I was able to wear it out on my date with Jude on Saturday night to the mother-son Valentine ball!  I haven’t worn a dress with a full skirt and fitted bodice like that since I wore my wedding dress!  It was so much fun to swirl around the dance floor with Gigi (Bradley was a bit sick and Jude preffered kicking the balloons to dancing with his mama).  We had the best time.  It was mostly very little girls dressed as Ana and Elsa with their daddies there so we just had a really good time kicking our heels up and dancing our hearts out without a care as to what the others might think!  I may have been channeling my inner 17 year old…  

After my great race yesterday I came home and ate the entire box of chocolates one of my students gave to me.  Relax, it was three pieces.  😋 Today I ate a little bit more sugar than I would like, but I also ran 3.5 miles in my kitchen.  They don’t cancel one another out, but I’m planning to go for eight miles (I have lots of new music) or so outside tomorrow so I’ll burn it out then.  I realized that six miles didn’t seem like too big of a deal yesterday because I’m fairly used to practicing that distance.  If I can run eight or nine miles 2-3 times between now and March 6th, the Hot Chocolate 15K shouldn’t be that big of a killer at the end.  Isn’t it funny how it’s true what people say?  Training pays off.  Who woulda thought??  Ha ha!  Wish me luck!


  1. Paula

    Hitting your goals is fantastic. You must be on cloud nine. I hope you will share with us how you train for a 15k. Do you run everyday? Long runs each time? I am still trying to navigate my way to running.

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