Just a taste of my Valentines’ Day. The pictures were my valentines to my kids- they each got a Valentine themed lunch or snack, which they were both nuts about, and coupons intended to let us spend a few moments together. My son immediately got the foot rub taken care of. He loves coupons like this and will redeem every one. 🙂

The last one is of a tired teacher sending the husband an, “I’m so glad to be coming home to your arms,” text, and, believe it or not, this is the one I looked the least tuckered in. Valentine’s Day on a Friday during a full moon right before an extended weekend is a rough day, but we were awesome. My kids were fabulous and we had a fun, yet truly educational, day. At the end there was a lot of candy and baked goods, but I have yet to partake. I’m proud of myself and considering staying the course.

When I got home I weighed 208.6.
I may be walking in a winter Onderland before I know it…
Happy Valentine’s Day, indeed.


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