Ok. I’m just going to sit here and whine, moan, groan, all of that for a minute.
Remember last month when I was all like, “It’s like the fat is melting off of me!”
I knew I would have to eat those words.
I’m in disbelief.
Have I been running?
Have I been careful about my diet?
85% of the time, YES!
I know I’ve said I’ve been treating myself, but I’m still staying within my calorie allowance as long as I’ve been kicking my butt running. Sometimes the foods are not as high quality though… Heh…
So why do I weigh 226?!
WHERE DID 220 GO?!?!
PMS has something to do with it – gaining 8-10 in water weight for the thrilling PMS week is not unheard of for me, but this is ridiculous and disheartening. Especially when my body is so tired from pushing and working out so hard… I am staying off the scale until PMS is gone. Then I’ll regroup and see what I’m working with.

Today we went to the pumpkin patch and had a really nice time with my extended family- my parents, brothers, wives and kids all showed up to seek out the most sincere pumpkin in the field. We also find that this is the best time and location for a yearly family snapshot. So that was good. I was surprised with a bit of a birthday party while we were there. My mom marked my 40th by passing along the same Hummel that she bought for her own 40th birthday. I decided that I will hang onto it for the next three decades and, like the earrings we promised as a toddler and she received at ten faster than we thought possible, I’m sure it will feel like a blink in this case too before I’m passing this along.
~Time flies, and if we are lucky enough, we get to fly right along with it. (Tyler Knott Gregson).

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