The treadmill.  I always have the best intentions on that machine, but I tell you what, it has absolutely earned its nickname of ‘dreadmill’.  I can get about two miles on it before I just start wondering when the heck it’s going to end!  I hide the screen, and still the miles tick but ever.  So.  Slowly!  What is it about the treadmill??  (dreadmill) Today I was watching a very engaging episode of The Biggest Loser- it was makeover week!  I was crying right along with them, marveling at their accomplishments, while still hating on that machine.  It doesn’t matter, though.  I still got a really solid run in.  I went at a snail’s pace for most of it.  I sweated hard and had really solid, healthy breathing, but after I hit the goal on my Garmin step count and passed three miles on the treadmill I wanted to quit.  Like, the dreadmill was super-dreaded right then and I was willing to broker pretty much any deal with myself to get off that thing, so I decided to go for a minute at full speed on the treadmill.  I watched one of the contestants on the Biggest Loser do it and never considered a sprint like that before.  I knew that at any moment I felt unsafe I could hop to the sides so before I could talk myself out of it I just started ratcheting up the speed and going like the flipping wind.  I didn’t know I could do that!  My feet were pounding the belt and mr elbows were pumping like mad! I definitely don’t have much endurance in me when I run at that pace and it’s scary as all get out- what if I fell?!  And it feels a little out of control….   But it was pretty cool and I’ll admit that it felt kind of awesome.  😁


  1. Paula

    I got a treadmill in November & even with the preprogrammed runs it can get dull but I try to challenge myself. Originally my average speed was 4.5 & now it is 6.0. I just started running last April to help me finally lose this excess weight. I am still working on losing the weight. I am lucky if I can lose 2 pounds a month! I am hoping running will help. I just found your blog & plan on reading it regularly. I can relate to a lot of what you have posted.

  2. I’m so excited to get a treadmill soon but also know it will drag lol!! I used one at the fitness center where I used to live and man those miles were slow lol!! I’m hoping it helps me keep pace though!

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