This Week in Non-Scale Victories…

Victory #1
This weekend we were playing the closet game where you take about 4000 things off of hangers and try them all on in search of the perfect look and you finally settle on something that is close but not quite right.
It’s been years of me looking longingly at my husband’s hipster tees. Around the holidays, his favorite place puts on sales where all their tshirts are $5-10 and he just loads up on a bajillion clever tshirts, while I would scour Old Navy for a tshirt that I liked and would pay $18-26 for. When I would get one I liked, it would be worn until it was threadbare, so hard it is to find a cool tshirt for a fluffy girl…
Enter this weekend when I casually picked up my husbands size medium tshirt with a cute little jellyfish on it. It fit me. Then I tried the John Hughes one and it fit me too! Bradley whipped the songbird tshirt off of his very own back, threw it at me and guess what? It fit! I came to the realization that I can wear my tiny husband’s tshirts now! Tiny, of course, is a relative term, but I have never been able to really share clothes with the man until now. And they’re not even tight, I can authentically wear them! My closet just got a whole lot bigger.

Victory #2
I was at a friend’s house this weekend, and we have always been mom-friends. That means we only do stuff with our kids and mostly just talk about getting together without them but never do. Well, I’m determined to hang casually with her this summer, and I made plans to go jeans shopping with her, my size four friend, and we can shop in the same store. I don’t have to act like I’m just shopping accessories- I can try stuff on. How weird (and awesome) is that?!

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  1. Amy B.

    Tamara-You are rocking it out, girl!! Wow! I was catching up on some of your posts I haven’t read, and your transformation is amazing. Even since the first of the year. Miss you in Michael’s bet this month. I’m definitely not as focused as I need to be, and I was glad you posted your achievements this week. I will take a page from this post, and remind myself to find victory in lots of things, not just the scale. And to focus. Eye on the prize, baby. Keep up the awesome work. 🙂

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