The Cold

I’m a very texty person. If you want to stay in contact with me, text. I despise the phone. Unless you are my mother, text me. My husband and I text a lot. Every morning at 8:50 he sends me a picture of my kids hugging, since that’s when they say goodbye and my daughter heads to class. During my spare lunch minutes, I frequently choose to sit in my classroom texting nonsense back and forth with him. Selfies, silly stuff from our day. I also often send him “I’m so happy to be headed home to your arms!” texts, once I get into the car for the drive home. Today a sneeze overtook me and I think the before, during and afters are funny:


Clearly, from the red, watery eyes, chapped nose and sneezy face, I have a cold. I stayed home yesterday (and added all the fancy tabs up top there for ya! 🙂 ) in an attempt to get better. I think it worked, I felt way less sneezy and eye watery today, so hopefully that’s a good sign. I hate being sick anymore because it really messes with my ability to stay active. I hate movement when I’m ill. The yucky clamminess from being constantly, just slightly sweaty from the over exertion of standing up or some such nonsense. The heavy breathing for nothing. The itchy throat. Running, chapped nose. Bleh.

I like the sneezing, I have to say. I do enjoy a good sneeze and, for some reason, while I have always been a double sneezer, my body upped it to a triple this time round. Suddenly I’m a triple sneezer. I didn’t know it was possible for a person to become a different kind of sneezer. I’m enjoying it, to some degree, yes, but I’d much rather be healthy and able to run. LOL!

The thing that has me frustrated is that diet bet ends next week. I know I’ve already met my goal, but I’m worried that if I can’t exercise I won’t maintain and I’ll backslide! Probably not an authentic worry, but it think there’s a part of me that doesn’t just want to beat it, I want to destroy it with an extra pound or two above and beyond. Over achiever, much? But if I’m truly honest, I’m worried because of cheese. You see, there is this delicious cheese we found called The Dubliner and I covet it. So yummy. I was horrified to notice a mite bit of mold on it the other day and realized that if I don’t eat it, it will go to waste. I can’t have that. So I ate and ate and ate it until it could never be said that it was going to waste. I weigh 213 now. No more cheese for me. I was down to 211! I think I got things back in alignment today, but man! I need to get over this 210 hump! Here’s me committing to spending the rest of my diet bet giving it my all even if I am sick!
Needless to say, I’m probably not going to meet my goals this week. The cold has slammed me down. I’m 50 minutes of elliptical and two workouts in. Making goal sick is unlikely, but I’m ok with that this time.
I also wanted to mention that this is my next diet bet. It’s only 15.00- a low risk if you want to join in and play along! If you do, please friend me on there and we can cheer one another along! I am Tamara Shazam! (That should link you to my profile.)

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