The ‘Beautiful Woman’ Does Leg Day

I left the house this morning feeling really boring.  Uninspired.  Unspecial.  Plain and simple like a lump of oatmeal.  I was rushed- I stayed in bed too long, cuddling up with Bradley and my little boy, when before I knew it I needed to be out the door, much less out of bed.  I rapidly threw on my clothes, gathered my hair into a quick ponytail and dashed out of the house, knowing full well that a day canoodling with Netflix was really what I wanted.  But I didn’t.  I made it to work, into my classroom and was taking off my jacket when I happened to catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror across the room.  I’ve trained myself not to catch those glimpses.  You know the ones, when you catch yourself off guard and really see yourself.  Sometimes you’re surprised, sometimes disappointed, rarely am I pleased with those glimpses which is why I intentially avoid them, but this time.  Wow.  I looked tiny.  I know, I’m still a size 14 and in no way am I trading in my amazon girl status, but seriously!  Compared to a few years ago, this woman has totally changed!

Then I walked all over campus collecting compliments and I got to feeling pretty good about myself!  It was a wonderful unsolicited shift from the plain, boring oatmeal feeling I had just an hour prior.  What a way to start my day!  Then the cherry on the top of the proverbial sundae was delivered.  In walked one of my seven-year-old, second-graders who stopped in his tracks, looked me up and down and remarked, “Mrs. Littlejohn!  You are a beauuuuuuuutiful woman!” 

Mic drop.

I mean, seriously.  How could the day not be just wonderful after a build up like that?  I sailed through the rest of the day feeling cute and sassy.  After I arrived home and told Bradley the story he helped me celebrate with the impromptu and goofy photo session as is evidenced above and I followed it with a pep talk unlike I ever give myself in the mirror.  It’s rare that I let myself feel pretty and I told myself just how amazing I really am that I did all this, that I should be so proud, and that Tamarella Past is so glad that I finally did it for real.  Today was a wonderful exception, thanks to several kind colleagues and a second grader who is quite the future heartbreaker!

I’ve been looking around a little for strenght/muscle building menus that I can do quick and easy.  I saw this somewhere on Instagram so I searched it out on, where I found this one among a list of many others.  I ran the past two days, so I decided today was, at last, leg day.  I did this one time through completely.  It did not take me 15 minutes- more like ten.  It was, quite honestly, a lot harder than I thought to do that many reps, however.  And jumping jacks didn’t seem so hard when I was a kid!  I meant to do the workout twice, but ended up having to eat dinner right as I finished my first go round.  By the time dinner was over my calves and thighs were quaking.  I realized once was enough, this time, right in front of my 5k/Base2Space climb on Saturday.  I’ll do it twice in a row in the very near future though.  🙂


  1. Lesleigh A

    While I can’t believe you thought you looked like boring oatmeal with that great outfit, I understand. It’s hard to get the old image of you out of your mind. Glad you had such an amazing looking day. With many more to come I’m sure. 🙂 Good luck on your stair climbing!!!

    • Tamara

      Ha ha- thank you! It was the pony tail. This girl hates to wear a ponytail – I just hate the way I look in them. It IS funny how we get hang-ups in our heads though, you’re right. When I look at the pictures I don’t even look that bad with my hair back like that! Sheesh!
      I’m so glad you read and comment here often. 🙂

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