The Annoying-Braggy Post

When I start losing weight again, you all know it because I get up on here and start waving my weight loss flag around, blaring the news from every roof top, blog and Facebook post I can: I LOST WEIGHT like I’ve done something truly exceptional… Which I suppose I have. I mean, seriously, I am an excellent fat maker, here. I can make fat out of almost anything, and my body is exceptional at finding places to store it. So the fact that any fatty tissue ever takes its leave of my body is cause for celebration I suppose…
Like, a lot. Tonnnns. Totes 8 pounds since the ball dropped.
And it’s aaallll fat, baby. Eight pounds of fat.
No, there wasn’t any water weight in that at all.
All fat.
I swear it.
Okay, so around three pounds is what I would call fat and the rest was likely water. It came off too quickly to be anything but water, but it’s nice to get the ego boost of numbers swiftly moving in the direction I desire: 221-213 since 12/26.
Sigh of contentment.
That makes me happy.

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