Teeth Are Always In Style

( …Sometimes I just like to take a really dorky selfie.  I’m not even sure why, I just know I get such pleasure from acting all silly and cheesy…

And then looking at it.)

Somehow I hurt my back. I mean, I think I know what did it, all the push-push-pushing to exercise like a crazy person. Did you know I have not missed more than two days in a row since right after Christmas? And I have been working out pretty hard, when I do. I’m not surprised. Today, however, I feel much better than I did yesterday. Yesterday I was, literally, five minutes away from letting my kids in from recess and a mere 15 minutes away from my principal coming in to formally observe me teach a lesson when my back suddenly went ‘TWANG!” I was standing still when it happened, not twist or tweak or anything. It just suddenly got all tight and twangy and continued to build up. I quickly took a Tylenol, knowing full well that a hurt back would be an unnecessary distraction in a high pressure situation. By the time I got home I was really feeling it and really freaked out that I was going to go down for a while, so I am ridiculously happy that I feel better today!


(The Hubs bought a tiny chocolate pudding cake and then they asked for Mama’s Special Frosting.  How could I say no?!  Hijinks were had with the frosting.  It’s true.)

To that end, I have decided to lay off the home gym a little. I have noticed that my back tends to get a little tired when I do a lot of elliptical and stationary bicycle. I think that all the Jillian Michaels exasperated the whole thing too, but who knows? Tomorrow I am planning to go for a run. It’s ironic to me that running, of all things, seems to cause my body the least amount of stress at this point. Running is supposed to destroy you, right? How is it that it works so well for me, the Amazon? (This is a compliment as I adore Wonder Woman, the most awesome Amazon Woman of all.) I think it is time to get back outdoors. I felt all spring-like today and I kind of yearned to go out in the weather for a bit. I suppose taking quick exercise breaks is good for teaching me that I actually, really enjoy doing it.


I am not sure how the diet bet is going to go down on Saturday.  I’m brewing an awesome batch of PMS, so I’m anywhere from 207-213 given the time of day and which day.  I’m all over the place.  I know I did well body-wise, I’m just not sure how I did fat-loss wise.  My clothes are totally fitting differently and I am shrinking.  I can see it, but…  We will just have to wait and see what happens on Saturday, when the thing comes to a close.  I am really hoping to pull an awesome number at the end.  The pot is looking more and more wonderful the closer I get to losing my share!

*Title in honor of Dr. Suess’s birthday, which would have been this weekend.  🙂

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