Super Sunday

I actually made it to Zumba this morning!  After my photographic discovery yesterday about what Zumba does for my core I was pretty anxious to get back in the gym to continue the trend!  I rallied that fam at 8:30 to get in the car and drop me off at the 24 Hour Fitness that is near my house, different from my usual one.  I decided to just give it a whirl, even though I’m always a little nervous they won’t let me in because I have the wrong kind of membership or something…  But the Totem Lake 24 Hour Fitness is pretty nice and I got in without a hitch!  It’s a lot bigger with more equipment than the one that I usually go to, and it inspires me to do some weight training with all of that stuff just hanging out there…  But I think I should take up the offer for the free training session that came with my membership before I get into all of that.  I’ve seen ‘that guy’ at the gym misusing weights and I don’t want to be him.  😉

The class itself was great.  It was obviously a very well established group of older-than-me people who clearly knew one another well- there was a lot of greeting and hugging going on.  But what I liked was that they also said hi to me and the other people around me.  I didn’t feel isolated or or like an interloper or anything, so that was nice.  The instructor was pretty fun and energetic.  I could follow along with most everything and was literally dripping sweat for the hour.  I was disappointed to learn that this instructor doesn’t usually teach the Sunday morning class, so I’ll have to go again soon to see what the regular person is like.  After the class, the other people were really sweet, giving me thumbs up and complimenting how well I did.  It was a little like being a kid or something in that crowd, but since I’m rarely infantilized as the Amazon woman that I am, I just went with it, thanked them and then jumped on the treadmill for 15 a minute run while I waited for Bradley to return to fetch me.  It was is of those proud days- I got a good workout and 10,000 steps in all before lunch, AND got reinforcing weigh in that I’m on the right track and making smart choices.  Yeah!  197!  Again!  


  1. Marcilla

    That was my gym for almost 2 years before I switched to the Y :). Did they mention anything about what the plan is with the upcoming Totem Lake mall overhaul? I know other stores are already on their way out so I wondered if they’d just role the members from that 24 Hour in with the one by Home Depot or if they’ll find a new space.

    • Tamara

      I didn’t hear anything about that, but one can’t help but wonder what on earth they’re going to do with that mall. I do know the other woodinville 24 hour fitness is a super. How do I know this? I tried to go once and found out I’d need to pay another 15.00 per month. Yep. I’m cheap. Lol! They let me in… That once.

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