Summertime Sunshine!

I’ve been depressed.  Not in a ‘woe is me- I want to die!’ Kind of way…  More like I’m just waiting for disappointment.  Waiting for failure.  I’ve been feeling small and unimportant.  I feel like I’ve been trying to fit myself into the lives of people around me rather than living my own life and it’s left me feeling empty.  Yesterday I looked at my week and felt nothing but satisfaction and happiness.  I realized it’s been several days since I’ve felt funky and realized that the difference is exercise.  Straight up, organic, non-GMO, free, healthy exercise.  I started running on Tuesday, forced myself into it on Wednesday and by Thursday I was hooked.  Today was a breeze and I’m thinking that a streak is not out of the question now that I’ve got it rolling!  I feel happy!  It’s simply amazing how a little bit of blood flow makes me feel like a whole person again.

I talked with Bradley about how, while working out, and the aftermath of showering et all, takes time from my family, it also fills me up in a way that only I’m capable of doing through a solid workout.  Without reliable movement, I’m crabby, cynical and depressed- not who I like to be at all.  We both agreed that I need to continue this exercise streak.  It’s the best interest to all involved!

We ran at Greenlake, again, today.  I had a medal for my kids to earn…  Yes, the Warbird 5k is a Trekkie thing, but my son just likes spaceships and if he’ll run a 5k with the reward of a spaceship medal then it’s on!  He continues to amaze me that he has such great endurance, while she flew like a hummingbird around the whole lake!  Sheesh!  Zooming through life…  I folded heaps of laundry, we BBQ’d hobo dinners (foil wrapped veggies + protein – green beans, garlic, potatoes, mushrooms, broccoli, zucchini, peppers, onions, butter, salt, a lil cheddar and tofu for us) and when the corn actually started to flame we decided that our dinner might be done!  As a first, Guinevere serenaded us during dinner.  It was a real grown-up moment and lovely day.  Cheers for this trend continuing!🎉

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  1. Paula

    Exercise is huge player in my moods. It can really lift me out of depression. That Green Lake run looks stunning. I love running on sunny & beautiful days. Running with family is even better. I love when my husband goes with me.

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