I know it’s really a bit too early to be calling this week a success – I mean it’s only Tuesday, but it’s working!  Yesterday I was all upset about that 199 number.  Like, I knew it was going to be temporary and water and salt and everything, but I also just hated that it was coexisting with me.  I fight so hard to get those pounds gone that any emergence of their existence again drives me up a wall!  Obviously.  I mean, 3-4 pounds up and I’m throwing my hands in the air with worry, tracking my food and making sure I’m working out…  But I suppose it works.  Today I weighed in at 195 again.  That felt pretty darn good.  I always say that if it goes on fast that it can come off fast, too.  This time, I won.   Mwa ha ha!
Day two of tracking went much better than yesterday.  I had a Zumba workout at the end of the day to look forward to so it wasn’t as big of a deal when those pretzels were calling my name at snack time.  I wasn’t hungry and looking for food all day, either.  It’s funny how a change in environment, from home to work, can shift so much in such a short period of time.  The food wasn’t a struggle today!  Zumba was great, tonight, but by 5:10 I was wiped out with 20 more minutes to go.  We had just finished a set of really fast, more intense routines and I was done.  If Jessica and Janice hadn’t been there I may have left.  It is a rare day when I will leave a workout early, but today…  I just felt worn out!   Emily lead us in a few easier songs after that, though, and by the time I left I was bouncing, again, thank you inborn hyperactivity.  

I’d chalk day two of my ‘Get Back on Track and Weigh 190 Already‘ plan as a success!  Woot woot!  If I keep it up, I’ll definitely make my 190 goal my 2016!  

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