One of the most obvious things that makes me feel ready to exercise is stretching.
A lot of the time when I feel sore and don’t want to exercise if I stretch it gets rid of that sore feeling and replaces it with this tingly feeling. It is incredibly invigorating and makes me want to zoom.
That does seem obvious, doesn’t it? Yet… It is one of those things that I know works but my brain conveniently forgets when I’m feeling less than motivated to work out.
I’ve been aching in my joints lately. Yesterday’s run was a hard 3.3 and today I just pushed to a 1.6 before I started feeling, just, achy. I have a twang that, if i don’t stretch it well, starts up aout one mile into my run. I told Bradley about it and he pointed out that I’m not doing two things: hydrating after my runs well enough or eating protein after my workouts to rebuild muscles.
Looks like I need to be doing more of that.
I challenged my students to run/walk/hike a marathon over the next month. They have until June 14th to log 26.2 miles. Every kid who does it gets a prize. I also challenged my families with a mileage challenge- whoever gets the most averaged human miles will win a gift basket. I’m thrilled with their enthusiasm! So many of my kids came back to school reporting that they went out for a run with their parents or they went for a walk all together. I’m delighted that I was able to get some people moving! Our bodies are AmAzInG!!!
Workout Tally
Abs Workouts: 2
Goal: 3
Goal for prize: 4
Miles ran this week: 13 (WOOT!!!)
Goal: 15
(All signs point to making my goals AND my reward ab goal! Woot !)

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