Oh yeah, baby.  I’m a streaker.  I’ve been streaking for six days now.  So streaky of me, no?  I marveled today to my mom (who is here with my dad and sick like crazy) that I’ve been running six whole days in a row now and I’m not feeling any bad side effects.  Usually I get to about day three of running in a row and I start to get all concerned and feeling like I’ve ‘earned’ a break.  I don’t know why I need to ‘earn’ a break or why I think I need a break when I’m feeling just fine.  I suppose that’s what my lesson is supposed to be from this experiment: my body can handle it.    

I remember when I first started running and wanting to stop.  My lungs are on fire!  My legs are sore!  My heart is beating out of control!  It was all true, but did I need to stop?  No.  I learned that I could push myself past all of that.  I learned that I could run a whole minute, a whole mile, a whole 5k, 10k, 15k, half marathon…  All because I decided to try to push beyond my limits to see what would happen, and what happened was that I got stronger.  Consistently.  I showed myself that yes, I can.  Why a running streak would be any different for me is anyone’s guess.  I’m realizing that I’ve built up all these walls for myself, designating what I can and can’t do, and some of the stuff I think I can’t do I can.  Can you see what I’m saying?  😉 Seriously, though, it’s getting to the point where if I think I can’t do something then I just feel like I should probably try it out.

It shouldn’t surprise me, then, that I’m fine, six days in.  Great, in fact.  My legs feel fine.  My shoulders feel solid.  My back feels strong.  I’m not overly hungry or tired or anything.  The next day when I do go for my run, everything feels fine and normal- no different than when I skip a day or so.  Actually, I’m wondering if this might be more effective…  Anyhow, my non-doctor opinion is that all is good in the hood.  I’m digging running every day and like the no excuses kind of attitude I’ve taken with myself about it.  I’m considering continuing the streak and keep thinking to myself that if I miss a single day I’ll have to start over, so do I even want to stop?  One more thing to be manic about, I suppose.  Today we did a mixture of trail/street/neighborhood running for a nice 5 and some change mile loop.  We ended up getting lost around Bastyr (the college that shares space with St. Edward Park) and found a ropes course that just hangs out up in the trees there permanently.  It made me want to invest in some equipment to ascend it!  Anyhow, I’m loving the streak and am so glad I started one!  

(Also loving my new pink and purple long sleeved running shirts I got at Target on clearance this week!!!)

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  1. Paula

    We build confidence not from we know we can do, but from completing what we thought we couldn’t. You are doing great with the streak & I see your time & distances are fantastic. I am working on increasing my distances in hopes of doing a 10k.

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