I had a hangover yesterday. You would think it would be a hangover from too many fancy drinks on the 4th of July, but it was actually a bad food hangover. While I did focus pretty solidly on the veggies during the celebrating – we had cauliflower, carrots, Brussels sprouts and corn- we also had chips and dip. I love chips and dip. No- scratch that- I luuuurve chips and dip. With passion. Like, I get territorial if I see someone pigging out on the chips and dip and worry that I won’t have any when it comes my turn to get in on the chip and dip action. We bought a huuuuuge bag of chips, made a vat of dip and I ate some. Not as much as I would have liked because thankfully, someone went to town on it and ate most of it before I got to it. I just had to remind myself that I don’t really want all those calories… But I got enough in my belly to bog me down and give me a gross-food hangover. I didn’t feel like doing anything yesterday. I got on the treadmill for 20 minutes, then got off. Then I got on the elliptical for 15 minutes and then decided I was done working out for the day. It didn’t help that my pedometer reset when I was at 3500 steps and again several more times throughout the day… Then I tried writing. I got to 800 words and just needed to be done. It was sounding all disorganized and bleh.
I knew that to counter the sluggish feeling that I needed to inject something healthy into my day. The workout didn’t help, so we planned a taco salad for dinner last night. By the time I was halfway finished with it I was already feeling better! Talk about the power of fresh, healthy, nutritiously dense foods! Today I was back to normal. We did a st. Ed’s hike and some yoga. It was good to get back in the game… At least a little!

I uploaded all of the songs that we use for hip hop booty camp that my instructor uses. It was a spendy iTunes bill that totally paid for itself in class on Monday night. It seems that having greater familiarity with the music also helps me to predict what moves happen next. Muscle memory is getting built in, but song knowledge has not been so much and I can see the power of that relationship. I was already better after just listening to the music a little! It was a great purchase! 🙂

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