She’s a Dance Machine

The Zumba bug has bit pretty hard again.  When you find an instructor whom you like it is everything.  I look forward to cardio-dance-Zumba Thursday nights and Sunday mornings like crazy.  This week I was super excited because I could hit another one of Jessica’s classes on Wednesday morning.  I was a little irked last week when a race event took my Sunday class and a school event took the Thursday.  Priorities, you know?!  Then last night I got a message to wear purple and plan to lift a glass at a surprise party afterwards to celebrate Jessica’s birthday, so I did.  

It was funny because not much was different except that we all wore purple and shared the party secret, but we all danced like a team or something.  We moved in the right directions together and miraculously I managed to do the same thing as the rest of the people most of the time!  It was so much fun.  The party afterwards will do a lot for the comradarie and community among us all in the future.  I met some really interesting people last night, some of whom carry pretty heavy work loads like me, and we all shared how this dance class is absolute therapy and joy for us all.  

I’m so happy that I rejoined the gym last summer and am incredibly grateful that I gave dance another shot.  If I could dance with Jessica every day I would.  Guess what?  I can!  Just like I dance with my kids at school I can dance at home.  Today I decided to practice some of the dances and try some new.  The following was an almost 50 minute workout and was a lot of fun!  All of these are from Jessica’s YouTube channel except the last ones that I found on the Fitness Marshall’s YouTube channel.  Have fun!!!

When he backs away after walking in on a serious discussion 😂

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