I went running with this awesome fella yesterday. I started out wearing a grey pair of capris and orange shirt when I was in my bedroom. Then I thought it might be cold… So I changed into my bright yellow sweatshirt. I also changed my mind about the pants, so I changed into my new dark blue ones. By the time I got downstairs, I looked down and saw a bright outfit but didn’t think much of it until we passed a lady who commented that we looked like a couple of Seahawks fans! Bwahahaha! Us? Football? Ha! But she didn’t know that. After we saw what she saw we got all picky about our outfits. See, what I failed to tell you is that not only were we dressed for The Hawks, we were also dressed almost indetically. The only difference was that he was a tiny bit brighter blues and yellows! Twinsies!

And, hey- Does this even look like the same person?! Oh, my, GOODNESS!

The first is me from yesterday and the second is about five years ago. I’m floored.

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