Scale Problems

The funny moment, when I got on the scale, saw that number, and got off in disbelief. Weighed myself again, same number.
“Bradley? I think there’s something wrong with the scale. Would you come weigh yourself?”
He does. It’s his correct weight.
Again, I get on and see that same number again.
Hop back off, reset the scale, weigh myself AGAIN and at last I accept that I am only one pound away from my goal of losing forty pounds before I turn forty on October 29th! ONE POUND!
Booty dance!
Incidentally, I have run my three best times around Big Loop over my past three runs. I think I see a definite corollary between my speed and losing six pounds in the past few weeks. That is fun to realize! I remember thinking a long time ago that when I hit around 220 running would be so much more fun and easy. It definitely is. 🙂

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