Saving Myself

Running heart rate
Today I went on my big ole lazy run. We just ran a nice and easy 2.5. I took it slow, as usual, and paid extra special attention to my body, the overheating and all that.* At one point I realized that, while I was sweating up a storm, I wasn’t breathing all that hard. I stopped and took my heart rate only to discover I was at 110. Another time I was at 99. My heart rate was ridiculously slow or my counting was way off.
It put some things in perspective though- my fitness is better than I give myself credit for. I think I have to run sloooow, and sometimes I do. But more importantly is for me to pay attention to my body and run fast when it feels right and slow down when it feels right. Clearly I could/should have pushed myself harder today! When I got home and cooled off I spent some time online looking at data.
First I researched my BMR- my base metabolic rate. I found out I’m on the upper end of the 1700’s. BMR stands for base metabolic rate and is, essentially, the number of calories you would need to sustain your living form if you were completely resting. Like in a coma or sleeping. Then I added my activity level and discovered I need about 2500 calories to sustain myself WITH activity, including exercise. So, to lose the weight I need to be eating less than that. Done.
But I also want to build muscle. I’ve written about my desire to pump up a little as an effort to fill in my baggy skin. Some muscular thighs could be nice, some strong biceps… Don’t worry. I’m a realist! Anyhow, I spent time today researching how to be a vegetarian muscle builder. Thing one they said was to eat complex carbs and protein with two fists of vegetables in every meal. So I suppose that’s a new goal. Tofu, nut butters, eggs and lots of quinoa and brown rice were suggested. The one thing all the sites said was that muscle definition is built in the kitchen, not the gym. I need to take my eating way more seriously. I’m going to try to plan meals in advance and do as much prep as possible to avoid looking for something to eat- the something will already be prepped and ready!
The other thing they said online was to do cardio, yes, for 30 minutes or so 3-4 times a week but focus a lot on the muscle building for 30-45 minutes per day 4 or more times a week. So the cardio is just to get warm and rolling, the anaerobic should be the focus, according to them.
I’m not saying I’m going to follow this to the T in any way, it just serves to show that I need to definitely do more weights and focus less on so much cardio. Today I ran for 45 minutes and rode my stationary cycle for 40. Not bad, but I did no weights…
To that end, Ive made a new goal to do 10 crunches per day. I know, measly, right? The idea is to make sure I have a minimum goal and if I’m totally being a lazy bum I can just do the 10. But my hope is that I will decide as long as I’m down there I might as well make it worth my while. 😉
To blog or not to blog…
I’m feeling a little lost in this space right now. Perhaps my own motivation and determination are running low, but sometimes I sit here late at night wondering why I’m putting all this out here. Why I’m baring my everything to everyone who cares to look. I guess I’m feeling vulnerable and am wondering if this is smart or worthwhile.
Yes, I know the answer to that. I personally get a lot out of processing. Maybe I’m just not being as honest as I want to be.
(Okay, I ate four of those ridiculously yummy m+m cookies today and that is not a unique experience for me during the summer. I am often heard saying, “I just don’t lose weight well in the summer.” I worry that I’m buying into that myth, though, and really I just need to get my ass in gear and lose the final seven flipping pounds for my forty before forty. It’s hard to own those things aloud to the general public. I’m trying to be Wonder Woman – well, Tamara Shazam, really- and feel like I’m falling short here.)
*We are headed to the ocean in a few days and I realized I have to run with my compression tanks on or suffer the consequence of a rashy fat crease in a bikini. I don’t need more things to feel self conscious about so I decided to wear the tank during my runs for the next couple of days.

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