Salad Days 

It’s finally happening!  Remember back, after The Fourth of July, when I suddenly went from 193-204 over a weekend, then proceeded to gain three more pounds?  No?  Why would you.  You’re living your own life, but it happened.  Trust me.  Anyhow…  I spent last month flushing my system with water, exercising regularly and trying to eat right in hopes that it was water weight but nothing changed.  I fell off the wagon a number of times, but I got right back on and…  Continued to gain weight or stay right around 205.  Finally, on Saturday, I decided to just let it go and get back to a fat-loss system in September when I have a reliable schedule, and lo and behold!  Guess what happened all of the sudden?  I weighed 200 last night and 203 this morning!  Who knows how I gained three pounds while sleeping and weighing in after I used the restroom, but it’s not 205!  My weight budged in the direction I wanted it to go in, finally!!!  If I’m honest, I think it’s a result of getting on the bladder pill thinger-mc-bobber.  I think it’s helping my body to regulate a bit better and not be in a fluid flush-rush panic all the time, and I’m letting the fluids go, now.  That or all the miles I’m running are finally paying off and I’m using some fat resources to support myself.  I don’t care.  It just made me happy. 🙂

Gigi and I ran five miles yesterday, bless her little pointed head.  She’s full of chutzpah, moxie, youth and arrogance, as any 12 year old should be, and just keeps insisting that all this running is easy.  She’s not rude about it, just confident and proud, like she should be.  But she thinks she can run a long ways and she thinks she has the stamina to sustain it for multiple days in a row.  Or at least she thought she did.  I’m not mocking her, mostly her growth is fascinating because it reflects so much of what I went through and that surprises me.  My daughter is young and so capable, so when she says she can go run nine miles without training I pretty much agree, assuming her training will be different than that of a 40-something mother.  Easier, somehow.  Like she should be able to leapfrog over stages that I plateaued at, so seeing her start to lag around 1.5 miles and tell me she was ‘over it’ at 2.5 miles and start complaining about how this was taking forever at three miles and just.  Wanting.  It.  Over.  The run got long on her yesterday and she really had to push through it.  She was a little whiny.  Still sweet, but whiny and tired.  Oh-so-tired.  I’ve been there a million times.  It shouldn’t surprise me to see her slow down and feel the distance as we train, but when I see her push past it and get through, I’m so proud of her.  Five miles was long yesterday and seven miles is going to feel long on Thursday or Friday, but I am proud, Proud, PROUD of my girl and her runner bean legs.

I just love having her as a running partner.  Yesterday she asked me how should she tell me she’s had her first kiss. Because it will be awkward to tell me but she thinks she really will want to tell me once it happens.  The things that we talk about on our runs are precious and wonderful and wouldn’t come out any other way.    I feel honored that I get to do this with her. We will both remember this when we are old, and the more I age the more I see the value in these kinds of opportunities.  These will be some of our salad days.

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