Run, Run, as Fast as You Can…

This was my birthday weekend (my parents took our kids for the night) and, as a result, I decided to slacken my tight hold on my diet. We went to Trader Joes to get some healthier snacks and I came home with a wide variety of Greek dips and delicious nuts and the Trader Joe’s brand pop chips. I enjoyed my feast last night and promptly fell asleep around 9:30 right after the point in Ghostbusters when they get their first gig… Talk about living it up while the kids are gone! We had a great time! Then 2:00 rolled around and I tasted everything I ate again with the resulting indigestion. Pleasant. Once again, I received that special reminder that crap food makes me feel like crap. Will I never learn?!

That’s me in my Adventuretime LSP costume. Today’s pictures will have little to do with anything except Halloweenish awesomeness.

Here’s Beemo and me, chilling all Adventuretime style.
Anyhow, that Beemo dude and I have been killing the miles. In the past seven days we’ve run a very respectable 16.7 miles. We’ve totally been keeping up with the mileage I set for myself and I am really proud.
I’m tired, though. When I run lately, I am hearing those negative voices of doubt and failure creeping in- the likes of which I haven’t heard since before I became a runner. Today we ran to a local park, through it and back home, a total of 3.3 miles, and I had to keep coaching myself to move forward, to not walk, to not give up. It was strange because I’ve always been so determined but lately, I’m not sure what it is, the increased mileage, additional speed, the reality of working and working out daily- whatever it is has me with a need of a real attitude adjustment. I finally said aloud to myself that I needed to remember how determined I am and I need to quit letting negative thoughts dominate my head. After that I did better.
The funny thing is how freaked out I get when I don’t work out, so I know it’s not even an option to not get a bit of a run in. And as long as I’m running, I might as well make it worth my time by running three miles to burn up some real calories… It’s a vicious cycle!

My dear daughter. So beautiful…

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