Root Canal

I loathe the dentist. I used to be ambivalent about sitting in that chair, but then I had a really bad dentist who shamed (nagged me meanly about brushing- at the time I was only a once-a-day person), bullied me about my dental care (tried to force me into X-rays while pregnant and then acted like I was an idiot for declining to do so) and other unsavory things he did to my husband and kids. It totally turned me off of going at all! It’s silly, I know, but it’s interesting to note how adversely residual feelings like that can impact me.
Anyhow, after all these years of avoiding the dentist like the plague, I finally developed an issue that turned into a root canal. I walked into the dentist office totally naive of the process. I thought it would be like any other dental visit of drill-kill-fill-feel better, but oh no. It has not been so. I’m nauseous, in pain and altogether out of sorts, made worse by feeling overly embarrassed about missing so much time in my Wired for Reading workshop that I’m attending, for which there was a paid fee to go AND I get paid to be there! All this money wasted going out and coming in! It’s really frustrating! I’ve missed an entire day now! Ack! Hopefully I can finish out the week strong and stay all day tomorrow!

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