Picking Up Speed


There was running today. Of course, this was after the working and teaching and hot gluing a million little horses, hay bits and cardboard to the various projects presently in my classroom for our museum on pioneer history. I’ve assisted in two barns, one school, three homesteads, six covered wagons, seeing, cooking and I don’t even know what else in the past three weeks! When Thursday night (the family presentation night) comes and goes, I’ll be one happy teacher!
Today, my fitness goal was simply to run as fast as I could sustain around the ‘medium’ block. It’s only 1.4 miles, but I’m pretty satisfied that I did it and I did it well with an average of 9:54 and a total moving time of 14.5 minutes. I like that I still have a little speed! At one point, Bradley mentioned over his shoulder, that he thought we were supposed to be running faster. I was completely winded and astonished that he couldn’t feel my speed! Nevertheless, I picked up the pace and surged forward, even though I thought I didn’t have it in me. Later, after I saw that I did my first mile in 9:06, I teased that I had proof of my speed, and he admitted that he may have been challenging me! That wily ole fox! LOL! That nine minute mile (or thereabouts) makes me feel pretty happy, though, and I’m glad he lit the fire under me!

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