Day three of plan ‘Get Back on Track and Weigh 190 Soonish’ is well underway and going well.  With my 1524 calories per day plan, I’m finding that it’s a little hard for me to keep my calories in check without working out every day.  I’m getting that kind of paranoia about working out.  Like, I feel like if I miss a workout I’m just putting myself one day behind.  In general, I try not to get too obsessive about the exercise since at the beginning of my health project I would panic and flip out if I didn’t get a workout in, but right now I’m allowing it.  In the month of December, when I’m usually too busy and too hungry for treats to use self control, I’ll let an obsessive health-food and exercise kick take over.  Yes, please.

Soul Hooping from The Hoods on Vimeo.

I ordered a custom hula hoop after watching a friend of mine hoop her way around the world.  Seriously.  Watch her in the video and tell me you don’t want to do that.  Tomorrow, said friend, Jamie, is having a hooping party in her classroom after school and I get to play, too!  That will be tomorrow’s workout, and on Friday my kids are in a choir concert for a Christmas tree lighting, so I suppose it is actually VERY good that I had a week full of workouts!  
Cheers to you!  I hope you’re staying healthy, too!  Smile if you made some good choices today!  🙂

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