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This weekend has been a weekend for the weightloss warrior in me. We had my friend’s 40th birthday and a couple of Father’s Day celebrations. In addition to just seeing lots of family and friends (we also whooped it up my my parents, brothers and their families on Friday), I had to deal with lots of food choices. There were chips, sour cream dips, cake and all kinds of stuff to use self control around. I did pretty well. I was no angel, but I did well.
I encountered more than one person asking me if I was going to skip a certain food choice because of the high calories. I explained each time that while I’m losing weight right now, I am not on a diet, per se, rather, I made a life change. My life change is intended to last for life and I am not giving up chips and dip or birthday cake for life! I need to include those ‘no-no’ choices now so I know how to do it later as well.
I hope no one felt awkward eating around me. I’m so vocal about losing weight and stuff through my blog, not to mention that it’s also just very physically obvious that I’ve made some changes, that I wonder if people feel guilty by association. You know how there’s a stereotype that girls won’t eat in front of guys because they don’t want them to think they are fat (and if they are fat, clearly this is an anomaly because you’re modeling how little you eat)? Like that. Because to me, it’s all about being happy. If you’re happy as a clam at 350, that’s your business. If you’re not happy, I’ll try to help you. But I’m certainly not the one who will stand in judgement of your choices. It’s your business and I certainly understand my place.

This is my random picture of the day. Nothing significant- Bradley just said he liked my hair so I had to check it out. Yup- looks good. Happy accident! LOL!

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