One Year Ago Today…

I looked like this:

The second one I took a few days ago. It’s unbelievable to see the changes that I’ve made. It seems like much longer ago that I looked like that, but at the same time also still feel like I look like that today!


  1. Cassandra Bell (yes it's me!!)

    Hi Tamara!! It is Cassandra Bell. I jumped off the facebook bandwagon and lost contact with a lot of people. Anyways…. My Mom showed me your weightloss picture that you’re Mom posted. I am AMAZED!! I did some cyber stalking and found this wedsite =) AWESOME!!! You give me hope!! I quit smoking 19 whole days ago. Not a big deal to most, but after 28 years of poisoning my lungs, I finally did it. 19 days is doing it, right?!?!? lol BUT…. I have gained 4 pounds so far, uhg. If I can quit smoking I can do anything, I know this and you give me inspiration! You look wonderful and I am so proud you. Take care lady and keep up the good work. You know my email address now, so I would love to be able to keep in touch.

    • Tamara

      Thanks, Cassandra! Sadly, my website somehow didn’t keep your email as a link, which is weird. That is truly excellent that you’ve made healthy changes! It all happens in baby steps, that is for sure. I am also off Facebook. It just got to be too much for me. I am so glad that you got back in touch with me!

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