I can’t believe I’m actually typing this- I got on the scale today and it blinked 200, then 199.8, and then it wouldn’t budge from 199.0.
I made it! I MADE IT! I DID IT!!!!!!
I weigh 199!
It means nothing and everything to weigh below 200, if that makes any sense. But that number, 199, is like a trophy. When I learned, ever-so-long-ago that I weighed more than 300 pounds, I also assumed that I was just naturally and genetically predispositioned to being big; that my body just wanted to be around 300 pounds, that my natural weight was just heavy. I thought I’d never weigh below 250 again and I was fine with that. In fact, my original goal was to weigh 230. That seemed highly improbable, to even consider below 250 was just setting myself up for failure. Less than that? Ha! So to have shed fat from the mid three hundreds, to having lost every pound in the two hundred’s and now to be in ONDERLAND just blows my ever-loving mind!

Smug, proud, happy!


  1. Amy

    Yeah!!! Great!! I am doing the happy dance for you. You have worked hard, and have earned this! Enjoy every minute. 🙂

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