Oh My

I guess by now I should know that these final weeks of school are, at best, insane for the average girl like me. Add to that huge projects like a class museum, making giant set pieces for our musical, taking down my classroom for summer while teaching and parenting and living life…
Breathe… The scenery for the musical got finished tonight and a huge part of the insanity is eradicated!

I built that with five students. Now that it is all put together I’m not surprised that it seemed like such a big job. It WAS a big job! Ha!
Despite the crazy week, I can’t let weightloss warrior week slip by without running my tail off. This week so far I’ve run 7.5 miles. Each day I think I’m going to take it off and just do strength, then I tuck the kids in bed and get really restless and antsy. My brain encourages me to go look in the pantry for a delicious thing, and I barter with the brain and offer a trade- running for a treat after I get back. So off I go, on a trek to earn dessert. The funny thing is each night I’ve come home and skipped the treat. I’m wondering if really I just want to run.
Until tonight, my running times have been improving quite a lot. Tonight I was abysmally slow- 13 minute miles on average! Yesterday I ran just under ten minute miles and the day before I was at 10:30 miles. I pleased. If this is the kind of improvement I’m showing in this short period of time, my times should get better as I keep chugging along. Why do I care? I want the burn and as I lose more weight I burn fewer calories because, as Bradley says, my chassis won’t be quite as heavy.
I realized that I haven’t posted any weights lately. There has been nothing significant… I’ll let you know when things change. Right now I’m vacillating between 235-238. My great desire is to be in the 220’s very soon. 🙂

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