No Bummer Summer!

Today marks my first official day of summer.  My students and I spent our final morning together first, at an assembly and then just together.  We talked about lifting one another up as we step into the world together.  I reminded them to share who they really are, to share their love.  And there were tears.  With five minutes left and all of the Bamboozled jelly beans tested, my kids suddenly rushed me, gathered around my legs with tears in their eyes and I couldn’t help but join in.  Parting ways with my 2015-2016 class was especially heart-wrenching for some reason…  I am going to miss them terribly.  Bradley says that I say that every year, and I suppose that’s true, but it doesn’t change the acute sadness that accompanies saying goodbye to 25 little blessings every year…  But conversely, how lucky am I to get to know those 25 sweethearts every year?  Pretty dang lucky.  Anyhow, the dress they made for me turned out beautifully and I was proud to wear it to school and to the after school staff party.  🙂

Unfortunately, I got home from my last day of work, full of summertime vigor, and Bradley decided to go to the library.  On his way back, a lady ran a red light and hit him, probably totaling his car and leaving him with an injury in his hand- you know, the hand he uses to draw with, play the guitar with, play the piano with…  It’s a little unnerving.  We laid low today, took a walk and chased our tails in circles arranging insurance visits, seeing the doctor and all the other fun stuff that comes with an auto accident.  An old friend of mine (BFF circa ages 11-14) came by and it was incredible to sit with someone who knows me three decades deep.  It was like stepping into familiar shoes or smelling that unique home smell- natural, unforced and really pleasant; worth a repeat for sure.  We also made our plans for the summer with goals near and far.  If we follow this plan, there will be a no bummer summer indeed!  I’ve decided that the car wreck will be our one and only bummer of the season, ok universe?!!  Im really proud that each of my kids has a solid running goal- Jude wants to run a 5k and Gigi is training for the half marathon!  Personal goals of mine are also to smash book more often, run 3-5 times a week, train for the half marathon, weight lift, lose 8 pounds (maybe), hike locally a bunch, create and stock a teachers pay teachers account and spend time loving on my kids.  Sound reasonable?  😋

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