I’ve had a really nice life lately.  It’s been busy to the right degree with a nice balance of getting out and staying in.  Granted, yesterday I could have used some more hands-on time with my husband, but for the most part, life has been lovely!  Yesterday my parents came into town for a one day visit and I totally capitalized on that.  They sat at our table for breakfast, I shopped through lunch with my mom and then met them in the evening to celebrate my SIL’s birthday!  On the way home from dinner, I heard that my son’s besties (twins) were moving into their new house right in our neighborhood so we stopped by there, too, got a quick tour and made plans to return soon.  We live on the top of a huge hill and not too many kids he knows live up here as well, so having established, friendly neighbor’s just around the corner is such a treat!  This morning, we headed up to the school where we taught Jude to RIDE A TWO WHEELER, then we ran over to his friend’s house again and Jude stayed to play with the boys while Gigi and I ran our 4+ miles in the scorching heat.  I tried to get all the boys to come to our house since the parents were busy with all the boxes and such, but they hadn’t found their shoes yet.  #movinginproblems  #thisiswhyihatemoving

I’m sure it was only about 78 degrees while we ran, but I was sweating and dripping down my face so much that my eyes couldn’t stop crying from all the salt in them.  But we did it!  We need to get some more mileage at a go, but we also need to get up a little earlier to do it.  Today I slept in, which was much needed, but it forced a later start than I would have liked. Tomorrow I think I’ll try for six miles, as long as we start by nine!  I was reading about running in the heat…  Well, reading is a stretch.  I saw this meme (above) and it really helped me think about time/speed, running, expectations, training, heat and the fact that things are significantly different in the heat!  Freddie knows.  When I walk her on hot days she flops down in the shade every time we pass by some.  Car.  Tree.  It doesn’t matter to her.  The struggle is real when exercising on hot days.  So real that Gigi and I walked at least half a mile today- it was a combo of getting overheated and having a heated discussion about Gilmore Girls and whether or not Rory will be married to Logan when the revival comes out on November 25th, SQUEEE- but despite all the walking and idle chit chat (which makes running with your kid awesome sauce), we still managed a 12 minute mile average pace.  While that may seem discouraging compared to the epic 8:36 minute mile from last week, I just need to remember that for the rest of the year I will be faster because of the endurance I’m building now in the heat.  Plus I’m really proud of Gigi’s commitment to running and training.  Proud enough that I teared up when I typed that.  My girl.  Goosh.❤️

Freddie Sparkles got her first bath, today, after rolling in pitch.  Cutest.  Dog.  Ever.  

Also, autocorrect is now misspelling the word ‘because’ for me now.  Thank you.  I suppose I need to learn better typing skills if I’ve misspelled it so many times that it thinks I have that preference.  Sigh.

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  1. Paula

    I have read the same thing you posted here about running in the heat. It has been hot & humid here lately & I have been running using my heart rate. (180- my age) without factoring speed or distance. It have been doing that for a while (80% of my runs at HR) and it has increased my speed. I guess is my heart is getting more efficient since my speed has improved. Sounds like your life is wonderful! Glad to hear things are going so well for you & your family.

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