My Cosmic Curiosity

Sometimes it’s tricky to figure out how to write about my activity log and food log without it reading like a boring shopping list of activity. That said, I feel like it’s important to include it. This is kind of a lifestyle blog that shows how I am working toward a healthy life and the discoveries that happen along the way, but to do that there is the reality of writing the facts that support all of the ‘how she do that?’ that I get!
So, to that end, our Very Active Summer is exactly that- a Very Active Summer. Our kids are running between the pool and hot tub for several hours each day. Bradley and I have been hitting the streets as runners almost daily, to the tune of 2.5 miles while we are getting back into running condition. We haven’t been the most solid runners this year, only getting in a few runs per month and me mostly relying on my classes to keep things rolling and to stay in shape. It’s been really nice to get back into the running groove. After our run, we pick up our old girl, Martha, and take her on our dedicated dog daily miles. The heat is making her slow and tired, so we’ve dialed it back from three miles a day to one and sometimes that seems like a little too much for her. But I enjoy the extra steps and talk time with Bradley.
So, anyhow, what’s my cosmic curiosity?!
How the heck is it that my scale says I weigh 202?! How in the HECK? I mean, really! I’m working my butt off, running, walking, dancing, playing, swimming- being Very Active, and yet… I’m trying not to get ruled by the scale but I’m finding this frustrating. My diet is fine. I’m eating an ice cream cone every night, but with the level I’m working out at it shouldn’t be making me gain weight from it. What a frustration! It’s probably those Girlscout Thin Mint cookies I so arrogantly ate in my rocking chair at the end of the school year. I knew future me would blame cooking eating me at some point- that moment has arrived!

Yesterday we went for a 2.5 mile run in the morning and then I looked forward to banking some steps as a dancer at The B-52’s concert at night! I did great! Just at the concert I managed to dance to the tune of Love Shack, Rock Lobster, Private Idaho and 11,000 steps! I have to say that Kate, my teenage idol, is now my midlife idol. The woman is closing in on 70 and still is absolutely gorgeous, can still wail her butt off and is sexy as anything. It’s still my goal to be like Kate!
It was a joyful and interesting concert to be at. I’m under the impression that there is only one person in that band who is not gay, and for them to be here, during Pride, in Seattle, so soon after the Supreme Court ruling for marriage equality was made was, clearly, very emotional for for Fred Schneider (the guy who barks out lyrics in many of their songs) and many of the folks in the crowd. He kept teasing that since the east coast is all upset about the ruling that maybe they needed to do a west coast tour and leave the rest of the country out… Don’t tease me so, Fred. 😉
I’m already looking for tickets…

I’m going to a later Zumba class tonight with my ladies. This is our Posse from a few days ago. It’s so nice to be involved with a group of people who have their thinking so similar to me. I found this article today that really made me feel proud. It’s a little high and mighty, a little pious and pat-myself-on-the-back about how awesome the legion of fit and healthy people are, but I was proud to be able to identify with the ‘way athletes think’. Like, actual, bonafide athletes. Squeee! It’s the small things.
For example,:
*I’m approaching my midlife makeover as a lifelong shift that will take years to accomplish and upkeep. I’m not looking to fix my problems fast, I’m looking to fix them permanently
*I’ve started exercising just to maintain a healthy lifestyle more than I exercise to lose weight. While weightloss is definitely a goal, I’m not overly worried about it anymore and know that it will happen if I just keep focusing on my health and fitness- just like real athletes!
*I don’t freak out anymore if I miss a workout. I know I’ve got things pretty well under control at this point and if I miss a workout I’ll make it up in the very near future- just like real athletes!
Anyhow, it offered some interesting points to ponder if you’re looking to transform your life. 😉

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  1. heather

    Me too! I was so excited to drop below 200 but I have also been back up over for a few weigh-ins. I have not been as on track with my food as I could be & with all my kids home 5 day a week gym trips are not happening. On the bright side, I am not panicking! In the past, it is in this place that I panic, do something rash and unsustainable & then crash! Too tired and overwhelmed to keep moving forward. Thanks for sharing, I love being let in on your journey!

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