Mother’s Day


Today I was reminded that I live in an amazingly beautiful place. We hiked through St. Edwards Park again today, just a short 3 miler or thereabouts… But man. I felt like I was in a ‘Visit the Beautiful PNW’ advertisement or something. It’s amazing here… It’s Mother’s Day today, and I was showered with homemade treasures- a cute little pinch pot from Boy and a beautiful optical illusion card from Girl. Jude wrapped the pot in tissue to make it look like a big piece of candy. It was so cute! I had a delicious breakfast served to me, an Indian food feast for dinner, a hike, a run/ walk, I got a pair of jeans, some new capris and even a new purse. I’ve been spoiled rotten today. My family is wonderful. 🙂
Happy Mother’s Day to all moms, moms to be and those who are thinking of motherhood in one way or another.
I’m coming clean: I didn’t meet my goals this week.
I know. There could be worse things and there are definitely some solid reasons for not doing better, so I’m not being too hard on myself, but still. It annoys me that the little things impact the big things. Perhaps it’s the myriad of changes (oh my, changes are afoot, I’ll let you know more about what the hay is happenin’ in the very near future) and it definitely has to do with the stress of my job and family and my crazy emotions of the past week… Lots of reasons. Not excuses.
So, what went well?
I ran about ten miles.
I lost a few pounds.
What didn’t go well?
Three of those miles were on the elliptical.
None of those were for my long run. I skipped my long run!
PMS ended on Friday night, if you know what I mean, and I allow myself to take it easy when that happens, so I skipped my big run yesterday and today we hiked, which was awesome, but it wasn’t running, though we did probably get about a mile of running in with the kids, here and there. I guess that’s the thing to remember, though. It’s okay to take my training as it makes sense. I don’t have to be this perfect model of weightloss and exercise. I’m still doing great. We kept comparing this Mother’s Day to last Mother’s Day and realized how very far we’ve come as a family.
That said, within this paradigm of ‘Tamara Shazam’ that I have created, I’m allowed imperfection and failures and I seem to forget that. I intend to use this space as an opportunity for transparency and, thus, accountability. I don’t want to publicly fail…not that I necessarily failed this week. This site helps keep me in line, but that just means greater accountability, it doesn’t mean perfection.
Ok, I suppose, from that, you get a glimpse into my inner workings, the circular logic arguments I get in with myself. 🙂 When I think about it pragmatically, obviously the training schedule I’m on is a little intense for me. I have to remember I can go slow, listen to my body. That said, I should be trained up, at this point, for this level of intensity. I suppose it’s reasonable to expect that I should try for the same 3-3-3-4 mile schedule again this week with strength training sprinkled throughout. Maybe this week I’ll be successful again like the week before last and I’ll finish strong. Cheers for a healthy week with good intentions!


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  1. Ebb and flow! That is something I’m trying to embrace. In running, Crossfit and life. We have ups and downs. As long as we keep moving forward we are making progress!

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