More Running Fun. Seriously.

We ran today. And today, running was like poetry. I know, I sound like such a tool, extolling on the wonders and marvels of running, but I seriously love it.
We started out thinking we would just do a quick mile and a half, but by the time we got to the turn Bradley looked at me and remarked how much he wanted to do the really big loop that is about 2.5 miles. I was sad because we were turning already, so instead we cruised on and on. We hit one part of the run where I crested a hill with my arms raised over my head and said to Bradley, “I love running! I feel so strong and powerful!” Then I realized I had my headphones on very loud and actually had alerted the neighborhood to the fact that I was running and loving it! Ha ha!

Does anyone else find that the moment they stop running and come inside the house they get even sweatier? Like, after the minor wind resistance of running at 6mph my body just can’t handle itself and starts pumping fluids. Boy howdy! I used to wonder why people could only wear their workout clothes once. I’m wise now.
Cross training is confusing for me. Like, I feel like I need to keep running or I’ll lose my running endurance and won’t be able to hold my own at events. But I’ve heard/read that cross training leads to a more well-rounded version of fitness, so I’m trying to do other stuff too. But I don’t want to sacrifice running; it’s the thing I love best… Aside from hiking. I would hike every day if I could.
Anyhow, I’m relieved that on October 5th I’m running the Celebrate our Schools 5K with my family, many of my fellow staff members and, hopefully, a lot of our school families. If we get enough people enrolled under my school name we get a share of the proceeds so I’m stoked. But, aside from the cash bonus for my school, I’m excited to have an event to train for that will guide me a little better. If I’m training for the 5k then I have a good goal for mileage and that’s all I need to keep from getting lazy.

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